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The Post Deportation Human Rights Project welcomes all attorneys who would like assistance with a post-deportation case or more general information on post-deportation law to contact us.  In addition to legal advice and information, the PDHRP may be available to mentor attorneys working on post-deportation issues.

We also ask for your assistance in representing individuals who have been removed and hope that you will be a partner in developing the field of post-deportation law. If you are an attorney interested in learning more about post-deportation law and representing a post-deportation client pro bono or if you are an attorney with previous experience in representing post-deportation clients and would be willing to share your expertise with us, please consider becoming a member of the PDHRP Pro Bono Panel, and complete the following form.  A PDHRP attornMentally Incompetent But Deported Anyway: Strategies for Helping a Mentally Ill Client Return to the United States ┬╗

This Practice Advisory does not discuss the Franco-Gonzalez settlement agreement. A Practice Advisory discussing that settlement will be forthcoming.ey will follow up with you.


Click here to fill out our Pro Bono Panel form.

You may also contact us directly.




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