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Center for Human Rights and International Justice


The Post-Departure Bar on Motions to Reopen

International Convention on the Rights of Deportees

  • PDHRP has launched the drafting of an International Convention on the Rights of Deportees. The draft Convention in its current form provides a legal framework for the deportees' rights and corresponding state responsibility.  It builds on the project's work to advance fundamental notions of proportionality and fairness in the deportation context.
  • On November 17, 2012, we held a roundtable with immigration and human rights experts and stakeholders to create consensus and momentum on this new initiative. We look forward to building on this initial step and to further collaborative efforts! Read more about the Convention and the roundtable here.
  • Stay tuned for further developments!

Deportation without discretion

  • PDHRP files an amicus brief in the First Circuit with the American Immigration Council arguing for proportionality in all deportation decisions.  Read more on AIC's blog: The Punishment Should Fit the Crime.
  • IACHR brief in support of request for thematic hearing on deportation without discretion and the impact on families.
  • "Removing Refugees: U.S. Deportation Policy and the Cambodian-American Community," drafted by Deported Diaspora, in collaboration with The Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic of the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School and the Returnee Integration Support Center (RISC) Cambodia in partial consultation with the Post Deportation Human Rights Project
  • IACHR amicus brief on deportation of juvenile offenders
  • PDHRP is a member of the Rights Working Group.  
  • Senseless Deportations: Rachel Rosenbloom, supervising attorney for the Center's Post-Deportation Human Rights Project, published an op-ed piece in the March 25, 2007 edition of Washington Post discussing the U.S.' harsh deportation system.

Unlawful Deportations