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Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Temporary Protected Status for Haitians

Information and Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Volunteers:

On behalf of the Post-Deportation Human Rights Project and the Boston College Law School Immigration and Asylum Project, we want to sincerely thank you for offering to help with the compelling immigration problems facing the Haitian community under incredibly tragic circumstances.

On January 22, we gathered together a group of concerned students, alumni, other volunteers, faculty and staff to watch a “webinar” that was developed by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service about the announcement by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, allowing for Haitians currently in the U.S. to apply for Temporary Protected Status. We also supplemented the webinar with legal materials and held a Q & A session. This free training covered the following:

  • Highlighting the need to “first, do no harm” by ensuring high quality legal counseling and representation for all clients;
  • Determining who is eligible to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS);
  • Analyzing who is ineligible due to inadmissibility grounds including criminal convictions;
  • Procedures for filing the TPS application, including the fees involved and strategies for filing fee waivers;
  • Identifying important issues to be mindful of with ability to travel, unlawful presence, work authorization, and limits to confidentiality of information given to the government.

We have posted links to the webinar and to other sources of information. Also, we have posted links to sign up to volunteer at legal clinics throughout Massachusetts. To sign up, go to:

If you want to join our listserv to get regular updates directly, please send an e-mail to: Sarah Sherman-Stokes at

Although we have very over-extended resources, we will also try to be available to answer general legal questions that volunteers may have and answers to recurring questions will be posted on this site. Please try to answer legal questions first by contacting on-site supervisors and looking at posted research materials.

After that, questions may be sent to:

Laura Murray Tjan
Amy Wax
Dan Kanstroom

Please understand that we may need some time to respond and may not be able to respond if the volume of questions exceeds our capacity.

But we will do our best. Again, thank you for your interest and for your help!


Daniel Kanstroom,
Professor and Director
Boston College Law School Human Rights Program

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