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Center for Human Rights and International Justice

2008 News Archives


The PDHRP will receive a Human Rights Award from Alternative Chance/Chanc Alternativ, a New York based organization that works with Haitian deportees.  This award recognizes the increasing impact of the project as well as the great work done by Rachel Rosenbloom, Mary Holper, and many of our students in this challenging, newly-developing legal arena.

The full transcript and supplemental materials from Attorney Rachel Rosenbloom's February 13, 2008 Congressional testimony are now available online.  View the PDF file here.

An article in the Boston Globe discusses the recent visit of Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini Imeri to both the Most Holy Redeemer parish in East Boston and to Boston College for his lecture, "Immigration and Deportation Today and Tomorrow: Human Rights for Migrant Workers." View a PDF of the article by clicking here.

An article entitled "Traveling Souls" by Abebe Feyissa with Rebecca Horn was featured in the UTNE Reader September and October 2008 issue.  The article was previously published in Boston College Magazine, and discusses "life in a refugee camp, where hearts wander as minds deteriorate."  Click here to view a PDF.

Video recordings of two events sponsored by the Center were recently posted on Front Row.  The first was a lecture given by Former U.N. adviser Thomas Weiss,  discussing the circumstances under which countries should intervene in the internal affairs of other nations to prevent human rights abuses.  The second was a talk given by Susan Aaronson, an associate research profesor of international relations at George Washington University, declaring that most modern nations have failed to coordinate trade policies with human rights policies.

Ray Schroth of NJ Voices has written a review and  response to the book "Refugee Rights," edited by Professor David Hollenbach.  Read the blog post at, the website of the New Jersey Star Ledger, by clicking here.

Attorney Rachel Rosenbloom of the Post-Deportation Human Rights Project was cited in an article by the Washington Post dealing with the issue of federal arrests of legal immigrants during raids.  Click here to read the article.

One of the many Guatemalan women detained in a federal raid on a New Bedford factory last year has won the right to stay and work in the United States, thanks to the work the Professor Brinton Lykes and the Post-Deportation Human Rights Project. 

With the help of BC's Post-Deportation Human Rights Project, a deportee has received what supervising attorney Rachel Rosenbloom cites as an 'extremely rare' permission to return to the US to visit her family.  Read the press release here.

The video of "Peace from Africa: The Mozambique Story," with presentations by Archbishop Jaime Pedro Gonçalves, one of the mediators who brokered peace in Mozambique, and Andrea Bartoli, professor of conflict studies at George Mason University, is now available online.  The session was sponsored by the CHRIJ on February 7, 2008.

Prof. Daniel Kanstroom, Prof. Kalina Brabeck of Rhode Island College, and Briton Lykes of the Linch School of Education are featured in a recent article in "El Latino Expreso" about their trip to Guatamala as part of the Post-Deportation Human Rights Project.  Click here to read the article in Spanish.

The Summer 2008 issue of the CHRIJ newsletter, "The Center Review" is now available to read here.

Prof. Daniel Kanstroom, Attorney Mary Holper, and Attorney Rachel Rosenbloom were all featured in the Spring 2008 issue of BC Law magazine.  Click here to view the articles.

Professor David Hollenbach's presentation at the "Speak Truth to Power" conference has been made available online.  To view it, click here, select "Workshop 3" and scroll forward to the 5 minute, 30 second mark.

Attorney Rachel Rosenbloom of the Center's Post-Deportation Human Rights Project was cited in an article titled "Thin ICE" from The Nation.

America, the national Catholic weekly, has described David Hollenbach, director of the Center in its June 9, 2008, issue as an “action intellectual” whose work exemplifies Catholic higher learning in service to the poor.  The article highlights Hollenbach’s recently edited book Refugee Rights: Ethics, Advocacy, and Africa. Click here for the article.

Associate Director Dan Kanstroom published an article on the illegality of waterboarding. Click here to read more.

In a Center program this past fall, Guatemalan Youth: Migration and Return, Anthropologist Ricardo Falla, SJ, and educator Ana Gutiérrez Castro described the social and individual consequences when young people in Guatemala emigrate to take advantage of economic opportunities abroad.

The Center was featured on the cover of Boston College Magazine in an article about a conference that it co-sponsored in Nairobi, Kenya, on the rights of forced migrants. Click here for the full story.

Of the over 33 million refugees and internally displaced people in the world today, a disproportionate percentage are found in Africa.  Refugee Rights: Ethics, Advocacy, and Africa, edited by Center director David Hollenbach, provides an analytical framework for vigorous advocacy on behalf of the human rights of these displaced people. Representing both religious and secular perspectives, the contributors are scholars, practitioners, and refugee advocates—all of whom have spent time "on the ground" in Africa.

An alumna of Boston College Law School, Debra Brown Steinberg, has been working to obtain legal immigration status for some of the noncitizen
victims of the 9/11 attacks and their families. She was recently featured in a New York Times article, Steps Set for Kin of 9/11 Victims to Stay in U.S.

Center Director David Hollenbach, S.J. took part in the the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning program on Responding to International Conflict: Challenges for Christian Jewish Dialogue. Hollenbach was featured in a panel on Jewish and Christian Responses to Peacemaking and War This two part program is now available on the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning webpage under Streaming Videos or on Boston College Frontrow.   

Two Center-related events were recently featured on BC's Front Row: 

  • Educator and activist Kalamu ya Salaam discusses the plight of New Orleans schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and reads works by students who attend a writing workshop he established for the city's children. 
  •  In his second lecture Kalamu ya Salaam engages the audience in interactive poetry and songs. He is joined by students from his writing workshop, who present their poetry and fiction.

Rachel Rosenbloom, of the Center's Post Deportation Human Rights Project was recently quoted in an article entitled "Deportation of U.S. citizens: 'It's just the tip of the Iceberg'" in which she addresses the problem of US citizens being mistakenly deported by authorities.

This year's first issue of the Boston College Third World Law Journal is now available online. The Third World Law Journal is committed to bringing a voice to the legal concerns of underrepresented people in the United States and abroad. This issue includes articles such as "Justice for the Forgotten: Saving the Women of Darfur".

Rachel Rosenbloom, of the Center's Post Deportation Human Rights Project, was invited to testify before the Immigration Sub-committee of the House Judiciary Committee on February 13.  Her testimony covered problems with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) interrogation, detention and deportation practices. Read her written testimony here.

Center Director David Hollenbach, S.J. was quoted extensively in a recent article "Scholars say King still as relevant today as 40 years ago" in the Ocala, Florida, Star-Banner on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.