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Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Certificate Program

certificate being awarded

The Certificate Program of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice is open to Boston College graduate and professional students enrolled in a degree granting program in any of the university’s graduate or professional schools.

Download the brochure for the Certificate in Human Rights and International Justice »


The Certificate requires that the student has:

  1. Followed a curriculum within his or her graduate studies that emphasizes human rights and international justice issues, including at least two human rights related courses within own discipline.  The Center's current approved course list may be accessed here.
  2. Widened his or her interdisciplinary understanding of these issues by completing at least one course designated by the Center in an academic department or discipline that is not his or her own.
  3. Completed the Center’s Interdisciplinary Seminar in Human Rights and International Justice, which will include a research project component for certificate-track students. (NB: the seminar is by permission only;get application details here on the seminar's webpage.)

Programs of Study

Below are sample Programs of Study for students enrolled in some specific graduate programs and a generic program of study to be completed by all others.  Please note that the full list of currently approved certificate courses may be found at the link in the next section.

Approved Courses

Click here for the current full list of Center-approved Certificate courses that may count toward certificate requirements.


Each student will need his or her Program of Study approved by the Center Directors prior to admission to the Certificate Program. To apply to the program, please submit the following:

to the Assistant Director at

Certificate Program applications are considered on a rolling basis, however preference for enrollment in selected certificate courses is given to students already accepted into the program, so applying as early as possible is recommended.  As well, if you are enrolled in a one year Master's program, please submit your application early in the Fall semester.

NB:  The core course for the certificate, the spring Seminar in Human Rights and International Justice, has an extra requirement for certificate-track students, so students interested in the certificate should apply for the certificate before the start of the seminar to be properly designated as such during the seminar and to ensure certificate requirements are met.

The graduate Seminar in Human Rights and International Justice, which is a core requirement for the certificate and offered every spring, has a separate application and deadline, which is sometime in the preceding fall semester.  More details on the seminar may be found here.


Prospective certificate program students are strongly encouraged to discuss the program with CHRIJ Assistant Director Timothy Karcz before submitting an application to the program.  Contact him at to set up a meeting.