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The New Dad: The Career-Caregiving Conflict

Our latest fatherhood report explores the conflict faced by fathers as they strive to meet their personal and professional goals.

Report Highlights


The New Dad: Understanding the Paradox of Todays Fathers

Our 2016 report on "The New Dad" reviewed survey responses from Millennial fathers. The report further explores the trend of involved fatherhood and the challenges experienced by today's dads as they strive to manage their work and personal lives.

How Millennials Navigate Their Careers

BCCWF surveyed 1,100 Milennial employees at 5 large corporations to learn more about their views on work, life and success. Study sponsored by KPMG. Report HighlightsPress Release.

The New Dad: A Portrait of Today's Father

This report reviews BCCWF research on fathers as well as the work of other leading scholars to paint a more nuanced picture of today's new dads.

The New Dad: Take Your Leave

The study explores different perspectives on paternity leave, including a survey of more than 1,000 fathers from nearly 300 different organizations (primarily well-educated professionals); a benchmarking study of paternity leave policies at leading organizations; and a review of global paternity leave policies and practices, as well as U.S. states that have enacted laws to provide paid parental leave. Study sponsored by EY.

National Workplace Flexibility Study

This study, conducted with three different organizations in different industries, reveals a strategy to help managers overcome objections to flexible work. Please visit

The New Dad: A Work (and Life) in Progress

This report summarizes the findings from the three Fatherhood studies. Please visit

The New Dad: Right at Home

The center’s third report on fathers observed the impact of shifting gender roles through in-depth interviews with 31 at-home dads and surveys with 23 of their spouses. Feedback from their wives reporting extremely positive results in the children’s development and that their at-home partner was a major enabler, facilitating the women’s development in the workplace.

The New Dad: Caring, Committed and Conflicted

This quantitative study provides a deeper understanding of the struggles fathers face as they embrace their roles as breadwinner and caregiver. This research explored the experiences of nearly 1000 fathers working in a number of diverse Fortune 500 companies looking at their experiences as well as the degree of support they received from their manager, work colleagues, and employer. 

The New Dad: Exploring Fatherhood within a Career Context

This report was based on qualitative interview with 33 new fathers with children under the age of one. It explored how these recent fathers were adjusting to their increased family responsibilities and how those were impacting their view of their careers and their responsibilities on the home front.

The MetLife Study of Financial Wellness Across the Globe


Overcoming the Implementation Gap: How 20 Leading Companies are Making Flexibility Work

Executive Summary

CitiSales: Jobs that Work


Work and Life in China


The Work-Life Evolution Study


Model Programs and Policies for Hourly and Lower Wage Employees


Women at Midlife Study

Focuses on understanding the special issues and challenges pertaining to career and balancing work and family faced by women age 35 and older.

Leaders in a Global Economy: A Study of Executive Women and Men

Examines the work lives of close to 1,200 senior executives from around the world.

Flexible Work Arrangements in Asia

The study provides an overview of the types and extent of flexible work arrangements (FWAs) used in multinational corporations operating in the Asia Pacific region. It also serves as a benchmarking tool for member companies to compare their best practices.

Executive Summary

Bringing Work Home: Advantages and Challenges of Telecommuting

Provides practitioners with a history of telecommuting, its underlying rationale, and the strengths and potential pitfalls of telecommuting programs.

Measuring the Impact of Workplace Flexibility

Presents the findings of the National Work/Life Measurement Project and focuses on issues most important for managers as they strive to introduce and/or continue to implement flexible work arrangements.

The Quality of Life in Brazil and Mexico

Discusses the complex dimensions of work/life experiences in Latin America. The information presented details the work/life issues in Brazil and Mexico and offers the reader an opportunity to reflect on contrasting and shared work/life beliefs and priorities.

Work and Family Issues in Japan and the Republic of Korea

Explores the growing awareness of organizations regarding employees needs. It reviews global diversity strategies regarding work and family issues as they relate to economic stability in Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Enhancing Strategic Value: Becoming a Company of Choice


Forgotten Families: The Move to Provide Paid Time Off to Adoptive Parents

This report, published in collaboration with the National Adoption Center, examines the many ways in which employers strive to provide equity to adoptive parents in relationship to the benefits they offer to birth parents.

European Perspectives of Work and Family Issues

Discusses circumstances surrounding work-family issues as they are manifested in European Union countries.

Participation in Change: Work/Family Groups in Corporations

Summarizes the findings from a study of work/family taskforces and committees in 18 U.S. companies recognized for their leadership in the area of work and family.

A Catalyst for Educational Change: Promoting the Involvement of Working Parents in Their Children's Education

Details the promise of involving businesses, schools and parents in collaborative efforts to promote the involvement of working parents in their children's education.

International Work/Life Country Briefings for Norway and the UK


Business Week's Work and Family Corporate Ranking: An Analysis of the Data

Provides a summary of Business Week's inaugural ranking of corporate best practices in work and family.

Work/Life and Diversity: Perspectives of Workplace Responses

Explores how "lessons learned" from the work-family and diversity arenas can be shared.

The Metrics Manual: Ten Approaches to Measuring Work/Life Initiatives
Helps practitioners strengthen their ability to measure progress, evaluate results, and responsibly manage investments. The measurement processes offered provide employers practical options for measuring their work/life initiatives.

"The Link": A Practical Guide for Conducting a Work/Life Workplace Assessment

Guides practitioners through the workplace assessment process to help companies link their work/life plans to business priorities.