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Boston College Center for Work & Family

Research on Globally Inclusive Workplaces

Boston College Center for Work & Family


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Empowering Women’s Success in Technology: IBM’s Commitment to Inclusion (2017) This case study, produced in partnership with IBM, provides an inside look at how IBM is addressing the mission critical challenge of attracting, engaging, developing, and advancing women in technology.


Creating Tomorrow's Leaders: the Expanding Role of Millenials in the Workplace (2012) discusses the expanding role of Millennials; presents cautionary notes about the generational prism; provides information about Millennials as leaders in the workplace; and suggests tips and best practices for developing Millennials into leadership roles. PowerPoint Presentation   Webconference Recording


The Multi-Generational Workforce: Management Implications and Strategies for Collaboration  (2008) describes challenges and best practices related to managing a multi-generational workforce.  References  PowerPoint presentation


Exploring Diversity: Race and Culture in the Inclusive Workplace  (2008) provides best practices for creating and maintaining inclusive work environments.  References  PowerPoint presentation


The Aging Workforce: Exploring the Impact on Business Strategy  (2004) provides best practices and strategies for engaging and retaining older workers.  PowerPoint presentation




The CitiSales Study: Jobs that Work (2008) examines the individual and organizational effects of quality workplaces on hourly workers, and on older hourly and professional workers.


Model Programs and Policies for Hourly and Lower Wage Employees (2003) presents findings from a study that identified model programs for hourly and lower wage workers in 15 different organizations.

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