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Research on Career Development & Talent Management

Boston College Center for Work & Family


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Empowering Women’s Success in Technology: IBM’s Commitment to Inclusion (2017) This case study, produced in partnership with IBM, provides an inside look at how IBM is addressing the mission critical challenge of attracting, engaging, developing, and advancing women in technology.


Career Management & Work-Life Integration A comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to managing contemporary careers. Authors Brad Harrington and Douglas T. Hall offer a highly useful self-assessment guide for students and other individuals who want to deal with the challenge of succeeding in a meaningful career while living a happy, well-balanced life.


Leadership Skills for a Rapidly Changing World (2013) is an 8 page executive briefing that describes the changes happening in the workplace and the workforce; examines four relevant leadership models and summarizes the important elements from each; describes the leadership skills needed to be successful in this rapidly changing world; and lists actions that leaders can take today to be more successful in the future.


Creating Tomorrow's Leaders: the Expanding Role of Millenials in the Workplace (2012) discusses the expanding role of Millennials; presents cautionary notes about the generational prism; provides information about Millennials as leaders in the workplace; and suggests tips and best practices for developing Millennials into leadership roles.   PowerPoint Presentation   Webconference Recording


The Multi-Generational Workforce: Management Implications and Strategies for Collaboration  (2008) describes challenges and best practices related to managing a multi-generational workforce.  References  PowerPoint presentation


Building the Business Case for Work-Life  (2008) provides information on the business case for work-life and suggests steps to take to build an effective work-life business case for your specific organization.   References   PowerPoint presentation


Exploring Diversity: Race and Culture in the Inclusive Workplace  (2008) provides best practices for creating and maintaining inclusive work environments.  References    PowerPoint presentation


Business or Busyness: Strategies for Managing Workload (2005) examines the topic of overwork; how big is the problem, what is causing it, what are the costs, and what are best practices for working smarter.  PowerPoint presentation


Dynamic Workforce Trends (2005) examines four important trends: health & wellness, diversity, aging workforce and flexible work; and how managers can address the needs of the changing workforce.   PowerPoint presentation


The Aging Workforce: Exploring the Impact on Business Strategy  (2004) provides best practices and strategies for engaging and retaining older workers.  PowerPoint presentation


Leaders in a Global Economy: A Study of Executive Women and Men (2003) examines the work lives of close to 1,200 senior executives from around the world.


Creating a Culture of Flexibility  (2003) helps leaders create work environments where employees are engaged and committed to achieve organizational goals while effectively managing their lives outside of the workplace. PowerPoint presentation


Measuring the Impact of Workplace Flexibility (1998) presents the findings of the National Work/Life Measurement Project and focuses on issues most important for managers as they strive to introduce and/or continue to implement flexible work arrangements.