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Workplace Flexibility

News and Resources from the Center for Work & Family

The Boston College Center for Work & Family has been at the forefront of research and corporate practice on workplace flexibility. We are pleased to share the following videos, articles and research reports on the topic.


New study reveals strategy to help managers overcome objections to flexible work

Press Release- January 21, 2014    Summary Report

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The Future of Flexibility Executive Briefing
This brief 8-page report provides an overview of the flexibility landscape and the business case for flexibility. The publication gives readers an in-depth look at flexibility for non-exempt employees. The author investigates barriers to successful implementation for workplace flexibility and the strategies for overcoming them. Lastly, the briefing offers flexibility best practices and recommendations for sustaining organizational commitment to workplace flexibility. The Future of Flexibility Executive Briefing presentation

Measuring the Impact of Workplace Flexibility
Major findings included:
– 70% of managers and 87% of employees reported that working a flexible arrangement had a positive or very positive impact on productivity.
– 65% of managers and 87% of employees reported that working a flexible arrangement had a positive or very positive impact on quality of work.
– 76% of managers and 80% of employees indicated that flexible work arrangements have positive effects on retention.
Creating A Culture of Flexibility: Executive Briefing Series
This brief, 8-page report reviews the rationale for developing a culture that supports flexibility and views it as a "new way of working" instead of an accommodation for a few employees.
Roadblocks to a culture that supports flexibility are explored as well as strategies for overcoming these barriers.
Best practices from BC Center for Work & Family corporate partners are reviewed including strategies from KPMG, IBM and Marriott.

Overcoming the Implementation Gap: How 20 Leading Companies are Making Flexibility Work
In this study, we reviewed innovative flexible work programs from companies such as Deloitte, Best Buy (ROWE), Eli Lilly, Dell, MITRE, Raytheon, American Airlines, Intel and more.
Interviews were conducted with HR Leaders, managers, and employees who were using the particular flexible work arrangement to determine what made it so successful.
Highlights of the study included:
– When considering an new flexible work program, it is important to make a connection to business needs, what leaders are striving toward and position the FWA as a solution to a business problem. (example-retention of women/building and inclusive workforce)
– Having a flexible work policy in your procedure manual is not enough, the culture of the organization really needs to be supportive of flexibility and viewing employees as a whole person.
– Manager training is essential to the success of these types of initiatives, it is necessary to overcome manager resistance and misconceptions about the program and gain their acceptance.