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Meeting Topics


• NEWFA Wellness Roundtable

• NEWFA Member Showcase


• Moving Work-Life Forward: Increasing our Relevance and Impact

• Workplace Flexibility: Engaging Managers for Success

• Next Generation WorkForce and Work-Life

• Creating a Healthy Workplace


• Health and Well-Being
• NEWFA Showcase: Innovations in Work-Life and Employee Engagement
• Engaging Men in the Work-Life Conversation
• Engaging Your Remote and Flexible Workforce


• Supporting Employees with Caregiving Needs: The Sandwiched Generation and Eldercare
• BCCWF 20th Anniversary: Men, Millennials and Meaning
• Employee Engagement
• Supporting Special Populations in Your Workplace

• Family Responsibilities Discrimination
• Flexibility for Hourly Workers
• NEWFA Showcase: Innovations in Work-Life and Employee Engagement
• The Link Between Work-Life and Social Responsibility


• Telecommuting
• Building the Business Case for Work-Life
• Women's Advancement 
• Leading Organizational Change Efforts


•Next Generation Workforce
•Flexible Work Arrangements
•NEWFA Work-Life Showcase
•Getting Your CEO's Attention


• Health & Wellness (virtual)
• Eldercare and the Aging Workforce
• Career/Life Planning: The Link Between Organizational Work-Life Initiatives and Individual Career Management
• Driving Workforce Diversity: How Work/Life Initiatives Support an Inclusive Workplace


• Workload and Overwork (via Teleconvening)
• Marketing your Work/Life Efforts: How to Get the Word Out
• Work/Life Showcase: Best Practices and Strategic Responses
• Building a Resilient Workforce: The Key Differentiator for Demanding Times


• What Can Work/Life Do about After-School Arrangements and Escalating Health Care Costs?
• Work+Life Fit: Strategy for an Employee-Employer Partnership
• Changing Manager Behavior to Create a Positive Work Culture and Impact the Business
• What Senior Leaders & CEOs Want from Work/Life and Human Resources


• Overcoming Obstacles: Making Work/Life Integration a Reality
• Coaching Strategies for the Work/Life Manager
• Work/Life Showcase: Best Practices and Strategic Responses
• Work/Life and Diversity
• Financial Issues & Work/Life: What Employers are Doing to Maximize their Employees' Financial Well-Being


• The Mature Workforce as a Competitive Advantage: What Work-Life Professionals Need to Know
• Work/Life Vendor Fair
• Everything You Wanted to Know about Work/Life Surveys: Developing, Distributing and Using Results to Move Forward
• Managing Organizational Change: The Salamander Room-- Exploring Your Role as Business Transforms
• Standards of Excellence in Work/Life Integration Forum
• Moving Forward with Work/Life in a Difficult Economy
• Low Cost/No Cost Work/Life Efforts: Creative Ways to Be a Great Place to Work
• Getting Started with Work/Life Initiatives


• Meeting Employee Childcare Needs
• Recruiting and Retaining Employees through the Lifecycle
• Aging and the Workplace: New Directions for Eldercare
• Domestic Violence in the Workplace
• Work/Life Systems Approach: Conflict Management as a Tool to Promote Employee Wellbeing
• Employee Loyalty and Commitment: The 2001 National Employee Relationship Report
• The Business Costs of Employee Stress and Depression
• NEWFA Work/Life Showcase: Best Practices and Strategic Responses


• Work/Life as a Catalyst for Culture Change
• Getting Manager Buy-In: The Key to Effective Work/Life Program Implementation
• Flexibility from A to Z
• State of the Art of Work/Life in NH and ME
• Work/Life Best Practices in NH and ME
• Telecommuting
• Marketing Work/Life: Using Intranets to Spread the Word
• Flexibility: A Business Strategy for the New Millennium


To learn more about NEWFA meetings, please contact Jennifer Sabatini Fraone.