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Boston College Center for Work & Family




  • International Executive Briefing Series: Work-Life in Emerging Markets - explores the historical and cultural contexts and demographic, legal, and economic trends that impact the nature of work and the employer-employee relationship.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements in Asia - a benchmarking study conducted on behalf of the members of the Global Workforce Roundtable to identify types of flexibility offered, to understand the extent that flexibility is used, and to summarize benefits and obstacles to implementation. (Executive Summary)
  • Work and Life in China - a report examining the economic, employment, demographic, and cultural contexts that influence work and life for Chinese employees. The report also discusses work-life implications for multinationals operating in China. (Full Report)

Global Summits

Global Web-Conferences


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Global Summit 2012 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

March 6-8, 2012

Conceptualizing Work-Life in Brazil

Summit Focus

  • Employee Wellness and Wellbeing in Brazilian organizations
  • Human Resource practices in Brazil
  • Best practices for supporting employees with disabilities
  • Unconscious bias in the workplace

Summit Speakers Included:

Marcos Jose Baptista, Scientific Director of the Brazilian Association for the Quality of Life; Ana Cristina Limongi França, Associate Professor at the University of Sao Paulo in the Business Administration Department of the School of Economics and Administration; Jao Ribas, head of the Diversity & Inclusion area at Serasa Experian; Brian Nosek, Principal Investigator on Project Implicit and Associate Professor at the University of Virginia





Global Summit 2011- San Franciso, CA

April 26-27, 2011

Addressing Global Talent Challenges

Summit Focus

  • Cross-National Comparisons of Flexbility
  • Integrating Female Talent
  • Developing and Fostering a Global Mindset

Summit Speakers Included:

Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President & Global Chief Diversity Officer, Sodexo; Rosalind (Roz) Hudnell, Chief Diversity Officer, Intel; James Norman, Vice President, Diversity, Kraft Foods; Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes and Rene Carapinha, BC Sloan Center on Aging and Work; Sylvia Ann Hewlett & Lauren Leader-Chivee, Center for Work-Life Policy; and Mary Teagarden, Thunderbird School of Global Management.

 Meeting Materials and Presentations (members-only).




Global Summit 2010 - London

June 29-30, 2010

Emerging with Energy: The power of work-life to revitalize, re-engage, and re-ignite


Summit Focuslond

  • Implementation of the Work-Life Enrichment Model
  • Work & Family Roles in Europe
  • Diversity & Work-Life Manager Interventions
  • Work-Life and Gender Roles in Sweden


Summit speakers included:

Dr. Steven Poelmans, Associate Professor, IESE Business School, Barcelona; Suzan Lewis, Professor of Organizational Psychology, Middlesex University Business School; Michalle Mor Barak, Professor and Director, International Center for the Inclusive Workplace, University of Southern California; Linda Hass, Professor of Sociology, Indiana University; and K. Andrew Crighton, Chief Medical Officer, Prudential Financial.

Meeting Materials and Presentations (members-only)




Global Summit 2009 - Washington, D.C.


May 5-6, 2009

Managing Work-Life with a World View

national mall

Summit Focus

  • How are Diversity and Work-Life Perceived Globally
  • Changing the Work-Life Paradigm
  • Work-Life in a Changing Economy
  • Work-Life in India
  • Leveraging Employee Resource Groups Globally

Summit speakers included:

Brian Glade, VP International Programs, Society for Human Resource Management; Dr. Steven Poelmans, Academic Director, International Center of Work and Family, Assistant Professor, IESE Business School, University of Navarra; Banashri Bose Harrison, Minister of Commerce, Embassy of India; Ujvala Rajadhyaksha, Associate Professor, St. Mary's College; Dr. Peter Cappelli, Professor and Director, Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School

Meeting Materials and Presentations (members-only)


Global Summit 2008 - Shanghai

February 26-28, 2008
  Hosted by The Dow Chemical Company
Sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Role of Work-Life in Recruitment, Retention, and
Development of Top Talent 
 Summit 08 Group

Global Summit 2008 - Shanghai

February 26-28, 2008
  Hosted by The Dow Chemical Company
Sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Role of Work-Life in Recruitment, Retention, and
Development of Top Talent 
 Summit 08 Group



Summit Focus


  • Work-Life Policies in a Global Context
  • Crafting Global Strategies and Mobilizing Strategy into Action
  • Talent Management and Work-Life Integration in Asia Pacific


Summit speakers included:

Dr. Anne Bardoel, Associate Professor, Department of Management Monash University; Ted Childs, Founder/Principal, Ted Childs, LLC; Dr. Sangmi Cho, Assistant Professor, Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Social Welfare; Dr. Michalle Mor Barak, Professor and Director, International Center for the Inclusive Workplace, University of Southern California; Dr. Siriyupa Roongrerngsuke, Associate Professor, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University; and Dr. Graeme Russell, Partner, Aequus Partners



Meeting Materials and Presentations (members-only)



Global Summit 2006 - London

September 26-28, 2006
  Hosted by GSK House
Co-Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline and IBM

Embracing the Challenge of Globalization:
A Closer Look at Global Workforce Strategies
global summit

Summit Focus

Summit Focus

  • Recruitment and Retention of a Multicultural Workforce
  • Women's Advancement
  • Age as a Component of Global Talent Management


Summit speakers included: Colleen Arnold, General Manager, IBM Northeast Europe; Dr. Linda Brimm, INSEAD; Dr. Sue Lewis, Middlesex University Business School; Dr. Fang Lee Cooke, Manchester Business School; and Dr. Debi Saini, Professor & Chairperson, HR Management, Management Development Institute, India


Inaugural Summit Online Tool Kit (members-only)


Global Webconference September 2011

Engagement Without Borders: How Global Organizations Build Employee Engagement

 (Link to audio and web presentation- Members only)


Fraser and Mary Ann provided insights from Blessing White's 2011 Employee Engagement Report. The main takeaways included:

  • Keeping your eye on the prize: have a clearly defined purpose and business outcomes.
  • Adopt a common definition that includes contribution.
  • Get enough data to identify trouble spots but avoid the ‘data
    black hole’.
  • Remember that engagement drivers are personal.
  • Ensure shared ownership and accountability across the organization.

Speakers: Fraser Marlow, Head of Research and Marketing, and Mary Ann Masarech, Employee Engagement Practice Leader at Blessing White.


Global Webconference August 2011

Leading From a Distance: A Practical Guide for High-Impact Virtual Leadership

(Link to audio and web presentation- Members only)

Darleen presented the results from a new study that surveyed 48 virtual teams across industries and found that the leader plays a particularly important role in the performance of geographically dispersed teams. Specifically, her presentation focused on:

  • Why Virtual Teams Fail
  • Profile of High-Performing Teams
  • How to RAMP Up Your Team’s Effectiveness
  • Profile of Top-Performing Virtual Team Leaders

Speaker: Darleen DeRosa, Ph.D, managing partner at OnPoint Consulting. 


Global Webconference April 2011

The Battle for Female Talent in Emerging Markets

In her presentation, Sylvia presented her research on the Hidden Brain Drain initiative and her upcoming book Winning the War forTalent in Emerging Markets: Why Women Are the Solution. She discussed:

  • Model environments for helping women to succeed and compete at their full potential
  • Adjustments to corporate policies
  • Understanding the differing needs of women world-wide, and supporting women’s advancement to leadership positions

Speaker: Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Ph.D, President of the Center for Work-Life Policy.


Global Webconference January 2011

Member Services Review

 (Link to audio-Members only)

  • The webconference served as an opportunity for longstanding members to refresh their memories about member benefits and provided an overview for newer members.
  • Topics included the Global members-only website, Listserv-sending and searching the archive, Teleconferences, Meetings, and a demo presenting the new CWF Virtual Roundtable.

Global Webconference December 2010

Work-Life in Japan

(Link to audio-Members only)

  • Complement to our Executive Briefing Series publication: Work-Life in Japan.
  • Both the briefing and presentation explore the historical, cultural, societal, and economic factors which are leading Japan to address work-life balance issues throughout the country.
  • The presentation also covers some of the barriers to adoption of these policies and discusses some potential consequences of their implementation.

Speaker: Scott North, Professor of Sociology, Osaka University.


 Global Webconference November 2010

Developing and Fostering a Global Mindset

(Link to audio and web presentation-Members only)

This presentation addresses how to develop and foster a global mindset as it pertains to global leadership and effective management in cross-cultural environments. The global mindset includes:

  • intellectual capital, or knowledge of international business and the capacity to learn;
  • psychological capital, or openness to different cultures and the capacity to change; and
  • social capital, the ability to form connections, to bring people together, and to influence stakeholders who are unlike you in cultural heritage, professional background, or political outlook.

Speaker: Mary Teagarden, Professor of Global Strategy at Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Faculty Associate at the Global Mindset Leadership Institute.  


Global Webconference September 2010

Positive Profits: Investing in Work-Life for Organizational Success

(Link to audio and web presentation-Members only)

  • Dr. Heymann presented some of the findings included in her book, "Profit at the Bottom of the Ladder: Creating New Value by Investing in your Workforce". The book is the result of a six-year study uncovering the scope of private sector initiatives through employee interviews.
  • The case studies she included in the book illiustrates how businesses have profited from improving working conditions, resulting in positive outcomes for employees at every level as well as the company as a whole.

Speaker: Jody Heymann, Professor of Political Science, McGill University.


Global Webconference April 2010

Consequences of Thought Diversity for Teams and Organizations

(Link to audio and web presentation-Members only)

  • Presented research findings from Lehigh-Rutgers Study: Leveraging Team Thought Diversity for Innovation
  • Provided some of the Best Practices in Thought Diversity Management
  • Discussed some of the implications of Thought Diversity Interest for “Traditional” Diversity Initiatives

Speaker: Corinne Post, Professor of Management, LeHigh University.


Global Webconference February 2010

Work Life in Russia

(Link to audio and web presentation-Members only)

  • Complement to our Executive Briefing Series publication: Work-Life in Russia.
  • The presentation provided a description of the political and economic environments in Russia, as well as the social and family dynamics that influence the work culture.
  • The presentation also addressed the trends shaping the work-life agenda and employee sponsored best practice programs and policies.


Speaker: Robert Engle, Professor of International Business, Quinnipiac University.


Global Webconference December 2009

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies 

(Link to audio and web presentation- Members only)

This member discussion addressed the following topics regarding Diversity and Inclusion strategies:

  • How Diversity and Inclusion is structured in participating organizations
  • How diversity is measured as a component of performance
  • Whether organizations determine the agendas for employee constituency groups



Global Webconference December 2009


Global Year in Review

(Link to audio- Members only)

This presentation unveiled the Global Work-Life Toolkit, designed by the Center for Work & Family and developed in conjunction with Kraft Foods and Johnson & Johnson. The Toolkit enables local implementation of work-life initiatives using centralized process guidelines and company-specific information, and is available for purchase by CWF members.

Speaker: Fred van Deusen, Senior Research Associate, Center for Work and Family.



Global Webconference October 2009

The Dilemma of Coaching Employees with Work-Life Challenges


(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)

  • Coaching helps to individualize solutions, build on employees strenths, and create and follow up on action plans for employee development.
  • The dilemma of managers coaching their employees is a question of trust
  •  Human resources policies are moving towards individualization and customization

Speaker: Dr. Steven Poelmans, Associate Professor IESE Business School, University of Navarra; Academic Director, International Center of Work and Family.


Global Webconference September 2009

Work-Life in Brazil

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)Brazil

  • This conference provided information on the demographics of Brazil, as well as the economic, political, and social climate of the country in relation to work-life issues.
  • Issues specific to Brazil include:
    •  Uneven distribution of wealth
    • Traditional gender roles regarding childcare and housework
    • Highly influential unions
    • Generous maternal leave policies

Speaker: Sharon Lobel, Professor of Management at Seattle University, and Center for Work & Family Fellow.


Global Webconference June 2009

Religion in the Workplace


(link to audio and web presentation - members only)

  • The goal of religion in the workplace is to integrate religious beliefs and practices in the workplace.
  • Religion needs to be addressed because of recent immigration and aging trends.
  • Be aware of employee needs around religious attire, devotion, diet, holidays, icons, networks, prayer, ridicule, scheduling, and socializing.
  • Create an inclusive environment
    • Offer floating holidays for those whose holidays do not get recognition
    • Create religious or interfaith groups

Speaker: Dr. Georgette Bennett, President and Founder, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding.


Global Open Forum: EMEA April 2009

Communication Tools and Resources

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only) corp communications

  • This session provided an overview, examples, and recommendations of work-life communications tools and strategies, highlighting the difficult economic environment.
  • Successful communications are based on:
    • What's in it for me?
    • Multiple touchpoints
    • Streamlined messaging
    • Frequency of contact

Speaker: Randee R. Rubin, President of Collega Communications.    


Global Webconference February 2009

Total Leadership: Be a Better Leader, Have a Richer Lifetotal leadership cover

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)

  • Goals for the session - improving performance in all aspects of life:
    • Understand the background and theory of Total Leadership - how to achieve four-way wins - and apply to your situation
    • Assess your satisfaction and performance in all four domains
    • Assess the alignment of your actions with your values
    • Generate ideas for creating sustainable change
  • The four-way view assesses importance, focus, satisfaction and performance in each of four domains -- Work/Career, Home/Family, Community/Society, and Self: Mind, Body, Spirit

Speaker: Dr. Stew Friedman is the founding director of the Wharton School's Leadership Program and of Wharton's Work/Life Integration Project.


Global Webconference December 2008

2008 Year in Review

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only) 2008

- Diversity & Inclusion Champions: An Introduction (Novartis AG)Novartis discussed their network of Diversity Champions, a volunteer group of over 100 business and HR stakeholders who create awareness, gather information, and communication best practices locally and globally.

Energy for Performance: Supporting a Healthy High Performance Culture (GlaxoSmithKline)In 2008, GSK launched the next stage of its award-winning health-high performance global initiative, Energy for Performance (E4P), a 2.5 day experiential program aimed to help employees enhance their energy, performance and achievements, personally and professionally.

Global Flexible Work Arrangements (Merck & Co.)In early December, Merck implemented a global FWA policy and launched tools to increase access to such arrangements worldwide. This presentation discusses steps that were taken, who was involved, what tools were created, and how they addressed local needs in this global strategy.

Speakers: Itee Satpathy and Nicole Lintott, Global Diversity & Inclusion Programs, Novartis AG; Kay Campbell, Global Health and Productivity, GlaxoSmith Kline; and Cindy Martinangelo and Uxio Malvido, Employee Relations Strategy, Merck & Co.



Global Webconference November 2008

Effective Social Networking in a Virtual Environment:
Leading in a Connected World

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)

  • Why are social networks integral to work-life?social networking
    • Connects employees in a flexible, virtual environment
    • Leverages the strength and connectivity of affinity groups
    • Serves as an additional vehicle for mentoring employees
    • Exposes employees to multiple career opportunities
    • Increases connectivity effectiveness in a global workplace

Speaker: Rob Cross is a professor of management at the University of Virginia and Research Director of The Network Roundtable.



Global Open Forums

January 13, 2009 - Asia- (link to audio presentation - Members only)

October 7, 2008 - Americas- (link to audio presentation - Members only)
September 17, 2008 - Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA- (link to audio presentation - Members only)



Representatives from the Global Workforce Roundtable member companies convene virtuatlly in these open forums to network with their peer group of a particular region and to share best practices and lessons learned. These calls offer opportunities to raise issues that are important to our member companies to improve work-life integration, increase productivity, and retain top talent. Key topics covered include: addressing country level concerns for a global strategy, creating a culture that supports flexibility, working with senior leaders to demonstrate the effectiveness of FWAs, communications work-life success stories, and highlighting the utilization rates of work-life programs for men and women in the region.

“I learned a ton of great information about the work life efforts within the EMEA region. Let's keep these sessions going!”

“The diversity of different companies participating brought a "true" perspective as to what's happening in this region. Also, we had the "right" mix and level of participants that added to the value of the discussion.”

"Great opportunity to hear different perspectives, share best practices, get to know people that have the same responsibilities as us, and create our network"

"It is very innovative to have a global HR community discussing issues of the same interest; but with different flavor to local requirements. I encourage this roundtable to continue with great success for global sharing."



Global Webconference September 2008

Women's Advancement

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)womenadvancement

  • Two corporate presenters highlighted the strides their organizations have made in the area of women's advancement around the work. Topics included:  
    • Initiatives they have implemented which acknowledge and address gender equity in their organizations
    • Challenges they still face to overcome the issues of impeding women's advancement through the corporate ranks

Speakers: Jolanda Verbeek, Senior D&I Consultant, Royal Dutch Shell and Amy Munichiello, Associate Director, Gender Equity Strategy Team, Ernst & Young



Global Webconference June 2008

Why Work-Life Won't Work Everywhere: The Case of France Compared to the US and the UK 

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)

  • Major Gap Between France and the US/UK - Why? france
    • Factors at the macro level (the national context)

      • Employers' lack of legitimacy in the nonwork sphere of life
      • Uncollaborative industrial relations
      • A complex legal framework
    • Factors at the meso level (the company)

      • Weak awareness of work-life practices within HR departments
      • Framing of work-life as a social issue, rather than economic (business case)

Speaker: Dr. Ariane Ollier-Malaterre has 10 years of professional experience as a management consultant with Accenture, a project leader for the registrar's office at Sciences Po Paris, and as an entrepreneur. She holds a Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Behaviour from ESSEC Business School and CNAM University, Paris. She received 'high distinction' for her dissertation entitled Managing employees' lives outside work? Relevance and Effectiveness of Work-Life Organizational Practices in the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Besides her projects at the Center on Aging and Work, she pursues a post-doctoral research project with GlaxoSmithKline, studying the relationship between Employee Well-Being, Employee Engagement and Employee Performance, as well as a number of other collaborations with scholars in Europe and the U.S. She uses both qualitative and quantitative methods, with a special interest for international comparisons.



Global Webconference April 2008

Cross Cultural Management: Managing a Multi-Cultural Workforce

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)

intercultural relations

  • Selection is a very important step in  assuring success of international  assignment. How can   you identify who is  best fit for success in each environment?
  • How can you be effective when working cross-culturally?
  • What are some recommendations about how to improve cross-cultural team work?

Speaker: Dr. Gary Weaver is a Professor of International Communication in the School of International Service at American Univerisity (AU).                                         



Global Webconference September 2007

Promoting Women Leaders Around the Globe:                                                                                Overcoming Barriers and Crafting Programs that Work

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)
  • Why Promote Women? WomenBarrier
  • What are the Barriers to Women's Advancement?
    •  On an individual level?
    • On an organizational level?
    • On a societal level?
  • How do you facilitate Women's Advancement?
    • Workshops/Coaching/Tranings
    • Embedded Methods
  • Best Practices Examples

Speaker: Dr. Claudia Peus is a visiting scholar at the MIT Workplace Center and an assistant professor at University of Munich in the Department of Organizational Psychology. Her research interests include the impact of leadership style on employee attitudes and performance, work-family balance, and women’s career development. Currently she is working on a project on family-friendly corporate policies in Germany as well as a study that seeks to examine the critical factors for female managers´ career development in the US as well as in Germany. Her work experience includes conducting trainings and coaching for managers of commercial as well as non-profit organizations with regard to leadership, communication, and teamwork.


Global Webconference June 2007

Global Workforce Trends, Implications for Human Resources Professionals

(link to audio and web presentation - Members only)
  • Amplified Individual
    • metrics: employees are developing new skills and characteristics because of new technologies. Technology
      • How can companies harness those skills to increase productivity?
      • How can companies encourage those skills to maintain employee engagement?
    • changing work styles: individuals communicate, manage data, and collaborate differently
    • environments:  there are a range of new media, tools, and technology for work and home environments
  • Diversity redefined—capitalizing on collective strengths
    • The greater the diversity in the team (gender, age, ethnicity, background, experience, profession, etc.) the higher the creativity and ability to deal with uncertainties and unprecedented situations
    • In order for this greater knowledge to be understood and practiced, individuals must develop a shared language through which everyone can participate (i.e. a language that transcends disciplines)

Speaker: Marina Gorbis, a native of Odessa, Ukraine is particularly suited to see things from a global perspective. She has directed international programs and led international development projects for SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute) in China, Japan, Vietnam, India, and Eastern Europe. Marina has also authored publications on international business and economics, with an emphasis on regional innovation and competitiveness. Marina leads the Technology and Horizons Program, focusing on the innovation at the intersection of new technologies and social organization. She holds an M.P.P. from the University of California, Berkeley, a certificate in international business from the University of London, and a B.A. in industrial psychology, also from the University of Californa, Berkeley.


Global Teleconference April 2007

Struggling for Balance: Work, Family and International Assignments

(link to web presentation - Members only)

Struggling for Balance

  • What are the challenges to International Assignments from a work/life perspective
  • Expatriate spouses play a critical role in the success or failure of the international assignment
  • Companies need to actively help employee and employee’s family to adjust to assignment and prepare for return as well.

Speaker: Dr Margaret Shaffer is a Richard C. Notebaert Distinguished Chair of International Business and Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Her research focuses on understanding cross-cultural expediencies, especially in the areas of expatriate adjustment and performance and life balance. Before joining the faculty at UWM, Dr. Shaffer lived and worked in Hong Kong for 11 years. She was a professor of management at Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where she was the course director of their Doctor of Business Administration program.


Global Teleconference January 2007

Cultural Values in the Middle East - Implications for Global HR Strategies

(link to web presentation - Members only)

  •  Cultural integration and sensitivity to Islamic and religious values
  •  Understanding link between HR, organization development and societal development is crucial
  •  How diversity can be seen as advantage for multinational companies
  •  Legislation to reduce number of expatriates – what are the consequences?
  •  Gender roles and the future

Speaker: Dr Beverly Metcalfe, Graduate Research Director, Hull University Business School, Research Associate, Centre for Diversity and Work Psychology, Manchester Business School



Global Teleconference August 2006

Cross-Cultural Differences in Stress and Resilience - China vs. the Western World
(link to web presentation - Members only)

China photo

  • An introduction to the emerging challenges of stress and employee well-being in China.
  • The Chinese context is not adequately captured by Western conceptualizations of cultural values.
  • Compared to the West, the job itself is rarely the most important stressor.  Rapid social change contributes more to stress and reduced well-being.
  •  In North America, there are large gender differences in terms of stressors, stress and coping mechanisms. Such differences are less pronounced in China, where men and women share many coping mechanisms.   

Speaker: Dr Jia Lin Xie, Professor in Organizational Behavior, Magna Professor of Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto


Global Teleconference April 2006

Aging Workforce - Implications for Global Workforce Strategies
(link to web presentation - Members only)

 ageing workforce
Teleconference content:

  • Growth in working age population on decline –  some exceptions – India!
  • Is your company ready? Tools for handling the demographic crisis
  • What will the “new” workforce look like?
  • Unique company perspective: Does a global strategy make sense?
  • Views from AsiaPacific: the Australian example
  • Speakers:
    Tamara Ericksson, President of The Concours Institute, Mc-Kinsey award winning author of the HBR article It's Time to Retire Retirement and co-author of Workforce Crisis, How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talents
    Dr. Louise Rolland, Professor and CEO of Business, Work and Ageing at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
    Dr. Ute Drewniak, Vice President and Diversity Consultant, Deutsche Bank, Germany


Global Summit 2013- Boston, Massachusetts

October 1-2, 2013

Around the World in 18 Hours


Summit Focus

  • Who has responsibility for work-life in France?
  • Integrating Work and Family in South Africa
  • Changing Organizational and Cultural Values in China
  • Time, gender, and work/life balance in Mexico  
  • Bringing it all together Around the World in 18 hours
  • Bringing the Work into Work-Family


Summit Speakers Included:

Lotte Bailyn, MIT Sloan School of Management; Aimin Yan, Boston University; Ariane Ollier Malaterre, Université du Québec A Montréal; Ria Smit, University of Johannesburg; Mayra Ruiz Castro, Simmons College and Harvard Business School; Michalle Mor Barak, University of Southern California