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Boston College Center for Work & Family


Boston College Center for Work & Family

Year Highlights
  • The Global Workforce Roundtable held its Global Summit in Sao Paolo, focusing on Contextualizing Work-Life in Brazil
  • The New Dad research this year focused on exploring the lives of at-home dads, and how they help support their working wives The New Dad: Right at Home
  • The Center celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a day long conference at Boston College and a Gala celebration at the Boston College Club. Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston declared September 30, 2010 to be the Boston College Center for Work & Family Day
  • The New Dad: Exploring Fatherhood Within a Career Context is completed by Executive Director Brad Harrington, Senior Research Associate Fred Van Deusen, and Professor Jamie Ladge of Northeastern University. The study explored the experiences of more than thirty first-time fathers in dual career couples.
  • The Center held its first Joint Roundtable Meeting in May in Washington D.C. for members of both CWF's Global and National Roundtables. The meeting features speakers on a wide-range of topics including panels on women's advancement and employees with disabilities, the Director of Georgetown's Flexibility 2010 initiative, and the chief economist from the Obama Administration's Working Families Taskforce.

  • Center Director Brad Harrington is invited to contribute the chapter on women in business to the upcoming report A Woman's Nation, co-edited by Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress.

  • The Center initiaties a qualitative study and completes the pilot study on fatherhood, careers, and parental identity.

  • Center Director Brad Harrington authors and the Center published The Work-Life Evolution Study, which provides a comprehensive look at the trends that are impacting workforce management and factors that will facilitate effective organizational transformation to a more flexible workplace culture.

  • The Center held the second highly successful Global Workforce Roundtable Summit in Shanghai, China.

  • The Center produced two reports on international work-life issues: Flexible Work Arrangements in Asia and Work-Life in China.

  • In collaboration with the Institute for Workplace Innovation at the University of Kentucky and with funding provided by The Center on Aging & Work, the Sloan Foundation and the Ford Foundation, the Center published The Citisales Study.

  • Center Director Brad Harrington published Career-Management & Work-Life Integration: Using Self-Assessment to Navigate Contemporary Careers (Sage, 2007). The book was co-authored with Professor Douglas T. Hall of Boston University, one of the country's pre-eminent career scholars, and it provides the reader with a step-by-step guide to managing careers in today's highly dynamic and complex labor market.

  • The Center released Overcoming the Implementation Gap: How 20 Leading Companies Are Making Flexibility Work. This report of organizational best practices covers an extremely broad range of approaches to flexibility and provided a roadmap of how to implement flexible work arrangements successfully in organizations.

  • Center Director Brad Harrington joined the advisory board of the International Centre of Work and Family at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. IESE is Spain's top business school and is ranked in the top ten business schools in Europe.

  • The Center awarded its first CWF Fellowship to a deserving doctoral student from the Organization Studies department of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. Prof. Jamie Ladge, now an assistant professor at Northeastern University, is named the first recipient.

  • In July, twenty-four national leaders in the work-life field gathered at Boston College for a future search conference to explore the trends that will have the greatest impact on workforce management and develop a vision for the future of the field.

  • September marked the date of the Inaugural Summit of the Global Workforce Roundtable held in London

  • In October, Brad Harrington was honored as one of the “10 Most influential Men in Work-Life” by Work/Life Matters Magazine.

  • Dr. Jacquelyn James, Center for Work & Family Research Director, co-edited The Crown of Life: The Dynamics of the Early Post-Retirement Period.

  • The Center launched a new publication, the Partner Profile Series, designed to share Roundtable member perspectives, actions, and goals on current workforce topics in a succinct format.  The first two issues released in 2006 included Health & Well-Being and Employee Resource Groups

  • 2005 was an exciting year marked by the establishment of several new ventures and partnerships. These initiatives have ensured that the Center is at the forefront in the discourse on three important issues: the impact of globalization on the workforce, the changing employment contract and approaches to workforce management, and the needs and issues facing older workers.

  • The Executive Briefing Series included two new publications The Next Step: Exploring Dynamic Workforce Trends and Business or Busyness: Strategies for Managing Workload.

  • The Center released Women at Midlife and Beyond: A Glimpse into the Future, which presents findings from a three-year study that focused on understanding the special issues and challenges pertaining to career and balancing work and family faced by women age 35 and older.

  • In partnership with Families and Work Institute and Catalyst, the Center publishes Leaders in a Global Economy: A Study of Executive Women and Men.

  • The first graduates completed the Boston College Work/Life Certificate Program. The certificate program is the result of a collaboration with the Alliance for Work/Life Progress (AWLP) to enhance the skills of those who are responsible for driving work/life in organizations.

  • With support from the Dow Chemical Company, the Center published a report which explore the many facets of telecommuting, Bringing Work Home: Advantages and Challenges of Telecommuting. This study looks at the many dimensions of telecommuting and provides a "how-to" guide for organizations interested in implemting this flexible work arrangement.

  • A 10th Anniversary Celebration was held in Boston in October of 2000 to mark the anniversary.
  • Appointment of Prof. Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes of the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work as a Roundtable Fellow.
  • The Center published the research report, Measuring the Impact of Workplace Flexibility, which presents the findings of the National Work/Life Measurement Project
  • In partnership with the Center for Families at Purdue University, the Center launched the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award recognizing the most rigorous and impactful research published in the work-life field.
  • The Center, in collaboration with the Alliance of Work/Life Professionals, announced the new Work/Life Certificate Program.
  • With support from Motorola, KPMG, and the Union Carbide Foundation, the Center published the Metrics Manual: Ten Approaches to Measuring Work/Life Initiatives.
  • National Work/Life Measurement Project launched with the support of Amway, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Honeywell, Kraft Foods, Lucent Technologies, and Motorola
  • In collaboration with the Center for Corporate Community Relations, the Center published Enhancing Strategic Value: Becoming a Company of Choice.
  • Center for Work & Family moved from the Boston University School of Social Work to the Carroll School of Management at Boston College
  • With the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Center creates the Sloan Work Family Researchers Electronic Network to increase interest in work and family research
  • Appointment of Prof. Shelley MacDermid of Purdue University as a Roundtable Fellow.
  • With funding from the BlueCross and BlueShield of MA, NEWFA and One Small Step pilot the Balance Sheets Series.
  • The Center partners with BusinessWeek Magazine on the Best Companies for Work & Family ranking.
  • Sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company, the Center published A Catalyst for Educational Change to promote the involvement of working parents in their children's education.
  • Work & Family Roundtable develops the Principles of Excellence for the work/life field.

  • With funding from the Union Carbide Foundation, the Center pilots the Policy Paper Series.
  • Appointment of Phil Mirvis as a Roundtable Fellow.
  • Introduction of first Roundtable Fellows- Prof. Sharon Lobel of Seattle University and Kathleen Christensen, now Program Director for Work and Family at the Sloan Foundation.
  • New England Work & Family Association (NEWFA) is established to help employers understand and address the complex work/life challenges facing today's workforce Initiation of Corporate Culture Scan research.
  • Home and On Your Own; with funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Center initiates a workplace education program for latchkey families.
  • The Center on Work & Family was founded at Boston University by Professor Brad Googins.
  • Work & Family Roundtable established to provide leadership to shape corporate and public responses to the demands of work, home and community in order to enhance employee effectiveness.