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Boston College Center for Work & Family

About Us

Boston College Center for Work & Family


Founded in 1990, the Boston College Center for Work & Family (BCCWF) works with the world’s most progressive employers to facilitate a learning and networking community focused on enhancing the employee experience. As a university-based center, we provide our corporate partners access to research and tools to advance evidence-based, highly innovative workforce management approaches. By connecting academic research with corporate practice, BCCWF makes information accessible and highly useful for our member organizations

Through the Boston College Workforce Roundtable, we work with leading employers who are committed to creating workplaces that support the “dual agenda” of individual and organizational success. Roundtable partners are leaders across a broad range of sectors, including accounting and professional services, insurance, healthcare, technology, hospitality, energy, and higher education. All share a common desire to implement policies and strategies that help employees find a harmony between work and life, increase productivity, and develop both personally and professionally.


Our research, resources, and events focus primarily on four key areas:

  • Work-Life & Flexibility
  • Employee Well-Being
  • Globally Inclusive Workplace Cultures
  • Career Development & Talent Management