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The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy

2012 Civic Internship Grant Recipients

the clough center for the study of constitutional democracy


Civic Internships: May 2012

Jane Barry ‘14
District of Columbia Public Schools: Data and Accountability Office

Jane will serve the District of Columbia Public Schools in their Data and Accountability Office. This office works to assure teachers are performing at the highest level and works to provide the best education for every student in the District. Jane will be working in this office through a program called Urban Education Leaders Internship Program and engage in tasks ranging from data analysis to data base development and curriculum specification.


James Baylor ‘14
Clerk of Courts Department, Newport Courthouse

James Baylor will be interning at the Newport Courthouse in the Clerk of Courts department in Newport, RI. James was given the opportunity through the RI State Government Intern Program. Working in the Courthouse as an intern he will sit in on court proceedings, assist in administrative duties, assist the court clerk in the courtroom, and help in conducting research for judges. As an intern working in civic administration, James will get firsthand experience of how courts and the judiciary system work at the state and local levels. An understanding of courtroom etiquette and how judges oversee their courtrooms when court is in session will also be gained.


Sam Dougherty ‘13
The Bureau of Legislative Affairs in US State Department, Washington, DC

Sam Dougherty will serve as an intern in the Bureau of Legislative Affairs in the US State Department. The Bureau of Legislative Affairs acts as a liaison between Congress and the State Department, advises the Secretary of State and her staff on legislative strategy, and organizes interactions between Congress and State including Congressional testimonies, briefings for members of Congress, and staff meetings. As an intern, Sam will help the Bureau’s Legislative Officers arrange meetings, create itineraries for Congressional delegations, and coordinate policy statements involving other Bureaus within the State Department.


Christopher Duffy ‘13
Office of U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)

Christopher Duffy will serve as a full time intern in the office of U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal in Hartford, Connecticut. Senator Blumenthal’s committee assignments include the Judiciary Committee and the Armed Services Committee. A highly regarded public servant in Connecticut, Senator Blumenthal also served as the state’s Attorney General for twenty years. As Attorney General, he relentlessly pursued a number of important reforms, including changes in health insurance coverage practices and a landmark settlement against the tobacco industry. As an intern in Senator Blumenthal’s office, Christopher will conduct research and perform a variety of tasks related to constituent services, outreach, and correspondence management.


Christopher Fitzpatrick ‘13
Department of State at the U.S. Embassy, Dublin Ireland

Christopher Fitzpatrick will serve as an intern with the Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, Ireland.  Aided by his previous internship experience with the Irish government, Chris will collaborate with a team of U.S diplomats on issues pertinent to relations between the two countries. In particular, he will be responsible for participating in meetings, drafting briefings on U.S.-Irish affairs for policymakers, and interacting with foreign representatives as well.


Michael Foley ‘13
Offices of Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA)

Michael Foley will serve as an intern in the Boston Office of Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. The tenth most senior member of the Senate, Kerry is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and holds senior positions on the Finance, Commerce and Small Business Committees. Michael will work three days a week in the Senator’s office, and he will be charged with researching pending issues, volunteering in the Boston area, and drafting constituent responses.

In addition, Michael will also serve as a Legislative Intern in the Government Affairs Office of Governor Deval Patrick. Governor Patrick is in his second term as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Michael’s work will include attending hearings, researching pending issues, and helping to reach out to state lawmakers in order to urge their support of the Governor’s legislative agenda.


Elizabeth Anne Gavin ‘14
Office of Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA)

Elizabeth Gavin will serve as an intern in the office of Congressman Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts’ 9th congressional district. Lynch is the co-chair of the Task Force on Terrorism and Proliferation Financing and co-founder of the Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus. Elizabeth will be assisting with constituent inquiries and casework, providing the constituents of the 9th district with an amplified voice. She will also be answering correspondence and learning about issues of civic and global importance.


Christopher Grimaldi ‘15
Office of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ)

Christopher Grimaldi will be interning with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Office of Press and Communications at the State House in Trenton, NJ. His responsibilities will include serving the Governor’s Press Secretary as a medium between the press and the Christie Administration. He will be communicating with media outlets, completing various research projects on an as-needed basis, and aiding in the preparation of official statements. Through his work, Christopher will have the opportunity to attend press conferences held by Governor Christie while experiencing the socio-political dynamic that exists between the public, media, and governmental affairs.


Lee Hill ‘14
Garda Siochana Inspectorate

Lee Hill will be serving as a civil justice intern in Ireland’s Garda Siochana Inspectorate the summer of 2012. The Garda Siochana Inspectorate is an administration tasked with overseeing the activities and strategies of the Garda Siochana, Ireland’s police force. Lee’s job during the internship with GSI will be to assist in the drafting of a formal report concerning the activities of the Garda Siochana. The report may focus on resource allocation, police tactics, or a specific issue affecting public safety. Lee will be responsible for collecting, organizing, and synthesizing information across multiple policing jurisdictions in order to present a consolidated report to the Minister of Justice. This will require first and second-hand research that may include personally investigating a precinct in addition to examining archival data. The end result of Lee’s internship will be the submission of a report reflecting the data examined and the conclusions that can be inferred from the information.


Sam Kent ‘13
Center for Complex Operations

Sam Kent will intern at the Center for Complex Operations (CCO), a congressionally-mandated center within the Institute for National Strategic Studies, which is housed at the National Defense University. The Center studies the planning, coordination, and execution of the complex set of overlapping civil-military activities in order to identify best practices, enhance training and education, and improve interagency operations. As an intern, Sam will primarily conduct research and interviews for CCO publications and projects, as well as assist in organizing CCO workshop seminars, and attend conferences taking place in D.C. as a CCO representative.


Matthew Liber '15
House Committee on Ways and Means, Washington, D.C.

Matt Liber will be serving as an intern with the House Committee on Ways and Means, a committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his time in Washington, he will assist the front office staff members in completing their daily demands, such as preparing the committee room for hearings, managing committee hearings, and assisting the various Members of the Committee. Additionally, he may be assigned to work with various subcommittees, such as Oversight and Trade, and complete assigned tasks there.


Narintohn Luangrath ‘14
Irish Human Rights Commission

Narintohn Luangrath will work as a research assistant at the An Coimisiún Um Chearta An Dune, or the Irish Human Rights Commission in Dublin, Ireland. The IHRC was established in 2000 to promote and protect the human rights of those in Ireland. In collaboration with the An Garda Síochána (Irish police force), European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Helsinki human rights watchdog groups (among others), the IHRC responds to human rights abuse cases filed by or on behalf of displaced persons who have relocated to Ireland. The IHRC promotes human rights in law, policy and practice. Specifically, Narintohn will be researching how the IHRC works with the aforementioned groups when responding to human rights abuses concerning the new Roma population in Ireland. 


Kadie Maher ‘14
Urban Education Leaders Internship Program

As an associate with the EULIP Program, Kadie Maher will be serving at the D.C. Public School System Central Office. Kadie will be collaborating with education leaders and agency heads to propose innovative solutions to the education gap. Interns have opportunities to develop specific projects, ranging from special education to legal research, and engage in professional development programming with leaders in government, nonprofits, and businesses.


Jenelle McNeill '14
Office of Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA)

Jenelle McNeill will be interning with the Government Affairs team in Governor Deval Patrick's executive office in Boston, MA. The Governor's internship program strives to provide an education experience for all interns, and in doing so, allows intern to experience the day-to-day work with the Government Affairs office as well as participate in larger events throughout the State House. Jenelle will be expected to summarize legislative requests sent to the office and draft reports for the Governor's executive team. As well, Jenelle will spend time attending Senate and House sessions, reporting on the status of important bills being debated. Jenelle will work collaboratively with other interns as well as full time State House state and will be given the opportunity to better understand the inner workings of state government and learn first hand about the public sector.


Stephanie Rice ‘13
House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services

Stephanie Rice will serve as an intern in the House Committee on Financial Services. She will work under the Staff Director and Chief Counsel for the Minority, Jeanne Roslanowick, chaired by Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts. Stephanie’s duties will consist of assisting staff in clerical and administrative responsibilities, working on research projects with the legislative staff, particularly in reference to drafting regulation for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.


Natalie Roy ‘14
Office of State Senator Karen Spilka (D-MA)

Natalie will be a summer intern in the office of State Senator Karen Spilka in Boston, MA. Senator Spilka was recently appointed Assistant Majority Whip, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of both the Joint Committee on Rules and the Senate Committee on Ethics and Rules. Natalie’s work for the Senator will include general administrative and clerical duties such as answering phones and processing constituent correspondence. In addition, Natalie will be responsible for researching policy issues, drafting letters, and writing testimony.


Brandon Short ‘14
Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Brooklyn, NY

Brandon Short will serve as an intern at the Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB) of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. In this capacity, he will be part of a screening team comprised of assistant DA’s, paralegals, and interning legal assistants which screens all incoming cases in the borough of Brooklyn to prepare them for arraignments. He will conduct interviews with arresting officers and civilian witnesses in order to determine the facts of the case and determine which charges to include in the lawsuit of a given defendant. He will work closely with paralegals, assistant DA’s, and deputy executive assistant DA’s in this position.


Sarah Slater '13
Council on Hemispheric Affairs

Sarah Slater will work at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, an organization committed to monitoring events effecting Latin America and encouraging constructive dialogue and policies in the region. Serving in the capacity of a research associate, Sarah will write letters to the editor and draft press memoranda several times a week. While working closely with Larry Birns, the organization's director and an authority on the region, she will conduct in-depth research for longer analysis pieces for publication on COHA's website and its bi-weekly publication, the Washington Report on the Hemisphere.


Madeline Walsh ‘14
United States Department of State – Office of Global Women’s Issues

The Office of Global Women’s Issues at the United States Department of State Office was created by the Obama Administration in 2009. Located in Washington, DC, the Office reports directly to Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. Its purpose is to make the advancement of women’s rights a cornerstone of U.S. diplomatic and foreign policy. Madeline’s responsibilities will likely include participating in socioeconomic and human rights research, collecting data, drafting reports and attending training sessions.