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The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy

2011 Civic Internship Grant Recipients

the clough center for the study of constitutional democracy


Civic Internships: May 2011

Demetrios Andreadis ‘13
The Office of the Public Defender in Providence, RI

Demetri will be a summer intern in the Office of the Public Defender in Providence, RI. The Office of the Public Defender is responsible for providing representation to clients, “fulfilling the governmental obligation to provide effective assistance of council and to endeavor to secure fundamental fairness and due process for its clients.” Interns are primarily responsible for office work such as clerical work and answering phones, as well as working with clients directly. Demetri will also assist Public Defenders both in and out of the courtroom, gaining a greater appreciation of the law and developing the skills necessary to become a practicing attorney. 


Brooke Braswell ‘12
Penal Reform International MENA Office, Amman, Jordan

Brooke Braswell will intern for the Penal Reform International in Amman, Jordan. Penal Reform International is a non-profit NGO that strives to achieve criminal justice and penal reform worldwide. As an intern, Brooke will work in the Middle East North Africa assisting in research, proposal writing, and Arabic to English translations. Her main focus will be on juvenile justice and women’s imprisonment reform.  


Katie Festle ‘12
One Heart Source, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Katie Festle will serve as an intern for One Heart Source, a non-profit organization committed to curtailing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania by facilitating community development through destigmatization campaigns, health care, and education initiatives. Katie will be working in a local primary public school where she will design a public health lesson plan, with a focus on HIV/AIDS prevention. Additional program commitments include fitness, art, and agricultural projects within the school setting and health awareness campaigns within the local adult community.


Patrick Keating ‘12
Union County Prosecutor’s Office, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Patrick Keating will be working as an intern for Theodore J. Romankow, the Prosecutor of Union County, New Jersey. Patrick will be working in the Prosecutor’s Office contributing to clerical efforts to maximize office efficiency. He will also spend time viewing trials, preparing criminal complaints, transcribing police reports, and interacting with staff attorneys. This position will give Patrick the ability to start understanding the criminal justice system in preparation for his future career as an officer of the court.


Brendan Kennedy ‘12
Office of U.S. Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA)

Brendan Kennedy will serve as a legislative intern for the office of U.S. Senator John F. Kerry in Washington, D.C. Senator Kerry is a Boston College Law School graduate serving his 5th term in the United States Senate; he chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is a senior member of the Finance, Small Business, and Commerce Committees. Senator Kerry is a well-respected member of the U.S. Senate, a decorated Vietnam veteran, and a committed public servant. Brendan’s work for the Senator will include attending hearings, drafting memos, and responding to constituent concerns.


William Larkin ‘13
Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, Boston, MA

William Larkin will serve as an intern with the Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (MassINC) in Boston. MassINC is an independent think tank geared towards shaping the commonwealth's public policy through research and debate. William’s work will primarily focus on the institute's Gateway Cities Project. The program aims to assist formerly industrious cities in Massachusetts transition their local economies into the 21st century.


Nora Lopopolo ‘12
Boston Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights

Nora Lopopolo will serve as an intern for the Boston Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights. Nora will help to coordinate research on gender and security issues, and to add and maintain this research in the newly developed online “Research Hub”.  Research includes topics such as Gender and War, Masculinity in Conflict, and Women in Peacekeeping Forces, among others.  In addition, she will help coordinate the Consortium’s international speaker series and provide hands on support with tasks related to the daily operation of the organization. Nora may also have the opportunity to conduct her own major research project to support the Research Hub.


Daniel Martinez ‘12
San Francisco District Attorney’s Office

Daniel Martinez will work at the San Francisco District Attorney's Office in the General Felonies Unit. Danny will intern specifically for an Assistant District Attorney who deals primarily with career criminals—violators of the California Three Strikes Law—and arson-related cases. In this capacity, Danny will be assisting the ADA in organizing, filing, reviewing cases, accompanying him to court, learning about the California penal system, and working with other interns of specific projects given to him by the ADA. 


Therese Murphy ‘14
Amnesty International Midwest Regional Office, Chicago, IL

Therese Murphy will intern for Amnesty International in the Midwest Regional Office this summer. Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization committed to ensuring all humans receive the rights entitled to them in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With a global network of over 3 million supporters, it is imperative that the offices work efficiently to coordinate messages, organize events and perform the administrative work necessary to translate global sentiments into realities. Therese’s responsibilities will include: coordinating grassroots efforts, serving as a contact for Midwestern Amnesty chapters, assisting office staff, organizing events that coincide with Amnesty’s human rights campaigns, and other assigned tasks.


Stephen Peltier '13
Rhode Island Public Defender

Stephen Peltier will be working as an intern for the Rhode Island Public Defender, located at the Garrahy Judicial Complex in Providence, RI. The office was established by the General Assembly in 1941 to guarantee the right of council for indigent defendants in all criminal, juvenile, and appellate matters. In this extremely hands-on internship, Stephen will be assigned to the intake division, which requires interviewing clients, both in the office and courtroom; preparing reports from interviews; and assisting the attorneys in a paralegal capacity.  


Cole Rabinowitz ‘14
Legislative Intern with Rep. Barney Frank (D, MA-4
Cole Rabinowitz will be interning with Barney Frank’s office in Washington, D.C. Congressman Frank is the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee and has represented the 4th district of Massachusetts for 30 years. Cole’s role will consist of assisting the Congressman’s staff in clerical and administrative responsibilities, working on research projects with the legislative staff, and helping staff involved in constituent casework. Among other things, Cole hopes to gain insight into the legislative process by attending committee hearings, briefings on issues, and other events.


Dylan Roberts ‘12
Intern with Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado
Dylan Roberts will serve as an intern in the office of Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado at the Colorado State Capitol. He will work directly under the Senior Policy Advisor to the Governor, Jamie Van Leuuwen, who handles the issues of education and health care administration. Duties will include working on special projects regarding education as well as constituent correspondence with Colorado citizens.


James Sasso ‘12
Intern at the Mayor's Office of the City of Newton

James Sasso will be working primarily in the Mayor’s Office, responding to constituent needs, directing citizens to the proper office to address concerns, and assist with research and other projects on an as needed basis. In addition, the office holds a variety of discussion sessions for all interns focusing on the inner workings of local government. These sessions also allow key city officials to speak about what drew them into public service.


Andrew Slade ‘13
Intern with Congresswoman Allyson Y. Schwartz (D, PA-13)

Andrew Slade will serve as an intern in the office of Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district. Schwartz is the Vice Ranking Chair of the House Budget Committee and a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Andrew will be working full time, conducting research, assisting with constituent casework, drafting correspondence and providing general office support as needed. 


Nicholas Swiggett ‘12
Intern for the Boston office of Senator Scott Brown

As an intern in the Boston office of Senator Scott Brown, Nicholas Swiggett will be working with a full-time staffer dealing with a major policy issue for the Senator. Nicholas will be assisting with casework concerning Veteran’s Affairs and Healthcare. Interns also communicate with constituents and field their inquires dealing with specific aspects of the Senator’s policies.


Christopher Terris '12
Intern with Representative Paul Ryan (R, WI-1)

Christopher Terris will serve as an intern to U.S. Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin's first congressional district. He is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and also holds a seat on the Committee on Ways and Means. In addition to assisting the communication team, Chris will be conducting research on pending fiscal policy legislation.


Elizabeth Zappala '13
Intern with Senator Kerry (D, MA)

Elizabeth Zappala will serve as an intern in the Washington Legislative Office of Senator Kerry of Massachusetts. Senator Kerry serves as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is the 10th most senior senator. Elizabeth will work in the Senator's office on tasks ranging from researching pending issues to attending hearings, as well as drafting constituent responses and memos.