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The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy

Civic Internship Grant Recipients: 2014

the clough center for the study of constitutional democracy


Eleanor Rachel Baer
Political Science, Class of 2016

Eleanor Rachel Baer is a junior from Silicon Valley in northern California. She graduated from Los Altos High School in 2012, where she founded the Students for Haiti Solidarity club, and was involved in mock trial and varsity tennis. Ellie is involved in the Clough Junior Fellows Program, mock trial, Eagle Political Society, Women in Business, and Bellarmine Law Society at Boston College. She is a political science major with minors in both international studies and philosophy.

This summer Ellie will be working with the Embassy of Ireland in Washington, DC, where she will work with Irish international relations in order to gain insight into the work of the Embassy. In her position, she will be working for the political department with Irish diplomatic staff working in conjunction with American public and private organizations and institutions to serve and promote Irish interests in the United States. Ellie will be performing both administrative tasks as well as specialized tasks such as event planning and coordination. She will also initiate research of international issues, will prepare briefs, reports and correspondence, and assist with meetings all while gaining a deeper insight to Irish-American relations.  Ellie intends on using the knowledge she acquires in this internship in conjunction with her past and future work to eventually work in either public or foreign policy. 

After graduation, Ellie plans to pursue a Masters in public policy. From there, she hopes to work in DC or elsewhere internationally either with the United Nations or an embassy. Ellie’s goal is to work in an environment that allows her to combine her two passions: philanthropy and policy. Because of this, her internship at the Embassy of Ireland is an excellent step in the direction that she envisions for her future as she will be working with bright, motivated, and extremely intelligent individuals from whom she hopes to learn.



Nathan Dahlen
Political Science and Economics, Class of 2017

Nathan Dahlen is a sophomore at Boston College. Before matriculating at BC, he lived in Northfield, Minnesota (except for one year in London, England). The first 18 years of his life in Northfield were profoundly formative.  He attended the socioeconomically diverse local public high school, which significantly informed his political opinions and worldview.  Nathan was involved in several civic engagement groups, and played lacrosse and soccer. His mother is a professor of Social Work and Family Studies at St. Olaf College and his dad is the President of Labor Arbitration Institute, where Nathan served as a research intern for three years. Nathan loves to travel and does so frequently—over 20 countries so far. He values reading, and spends a significant portion of his time sifting through long-form articles. These sources of influence, among others, have shaped his interests in public policy, philosophy, economics etc. 

This summer, Nathan will be working as an undergraduate research fellow at Minnesota2020 —a non-partisan public policy think tank in St. Paul. He will conduct data-driven and unbiased research on a variety of projects. In particular, he plans to research the effects of Minnesota’s minimum wage policy, study the results of Minnesota’s shift to more conservative education policy in the past decade, and forecast the availability of affordable housing in Minnesota. Nathan will strive to make his research data-driven and non-partisan, and any publications accessible.

Nathan expects his experience at Minnesota2020 to confirm his interest in data-driven public policy research. In the summers to come, he hopes to build on his experience at Minnesota2020 and conduct research at think tanks that focus on national and international issues. In particular, Nathan is interested in researching and writing about international conflict for NGOs like the International Crisis Group, for example. After graduation, he plans to pursue a concurrent J.D. and Masters in Public Policy. Or, perhaps pursue post-graduate scholarship opportunities to study or research abroad.  Other possibilities include a career in politics or conducting public policy research, or maybe a career in finance, the tech industry, or management consulting.



Christopher Grimaldi
Political Science, Class of 2015

Christopher Grimaldi will be working in our nation’s capital at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI), serving as a research intern for AEI Senior Fellow and Former U.S. Second Lady Lynne V. Cheney. Specializing in American history education reform, Mrs. Cheney has advocated for conscientiously teaching the American Constitution in classrooms so that students can more thoroughly understand the democratic liberties they possess. Working alongside Mrs. Cheney and her staff, Christopher will conduct research for Mrs. Cheney’s writings, assume ongoing communications responsibilities, and aid in coordinating the institute’s promotion of political scholarship. His research and policy analysis will also take place in various locations around Washington, D.C., including the Library of Congress.

A native of Freehold, N.J., Christopher is a senior at Boston College majoring in Political Science and minoring in Management & Leadership. During his three years as an undergraduate, Christopher has gained recognition as a student of politics. Having been named a member of BC’s Political Science Honors Program and inducted into the Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Academic Honor Society, Christopher was most recently appointed as Undergraduate Coordinator of the Clough Junior Fellows Program for the 2014-15 school year. His scholarly work has been featured in multiple publications, including the Clough Political Journal and Al-Noor: The Boston College Undergraduate Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Journal. Yet Christopher’s accomplishments in political science extend beyond BC’s campus. Over the past two summers, he served as an intern in the Office of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and was selected last year as a fellow to the prestigious Hertog Political Studies Program in Washington, D.C.

Though he looks forward to one day being an active member in politics, Christopher first plans to pursue a career in law, a profession in which he can combine his passions for analytical writing, research, and public speaking. Through his future legal work, Christopher hopes to leave a positive impact on the same institution that has been an intricate part of his collegiate career—American government.



Laura Huggard
International Studies, Class of 2015

Laura Huggard is an International Studies major concentrating in Ethics and International Social Justice and minoring in French. At BC, she is the Assistant Director of the Boston College Dance Ensemble, a volunteer at the Campus School through the Creative Kids program, a participant in the Jenks Leadership Program, and a member of the Campus School Marathon Team. Laura enjoys studying foreign languages, and is currently studying Arabic, as she hopes to work as an advocate for the rights of women in the Middle East in the future. This summer she will be an intern in Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.’s Office in Worcester, MA. She will work in the Central District Court Unit under the supervision of Assistant District Attorney Mark. J. Murphy. There, Laura will conduct research and work on projects in order to help the Assistant District Attorneys prepare cases, will sit in on trials and other court proceedings in order to observe and learn about the legal system, and will assist in administrative duties.  She will also contribute to the work of the District Attorney’s office while gaining experience in the legal system, and particularly the criminal justice system. Laura hopes to make a positive contribution to the pursuit of justice for the victims and perpetrators of crime in Worcester County this summer. Laura is very excited to intern at the District Attorney’s office because she would like to eventually work for the rights of victimized and marginalized people around the world, such as women and refugees, and thinks that this experience will allow her to see if she would like to do this through a career in law.



Rebecca Kim
Applied Psychology and Human Development, Class of 2015

Rebecca Kim is a Korean-American born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey. She is the youngest of four children and her hobbies include volunteering, dancing, and reading. Growing up, service has always been a huge part of Rebecca’s life. Her parents always stressed the importance of giving back, whether it be going on a missionary trip with their church or volunteering at a hospital. Any form of service was better than no service at all. However, it was only when arriving at Boston College that Rebecca discovered her passion for social justice. This discovery has been the driving force and guide in both her academic and personal decisions.

Rebecca is majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a concentration in Community, Advocacy, and Social Policy and double-minoring in International Studies, with a focus in Ethics and International Social Justice, and in Hispanic Studies. Her dream is to live a life in the service of others. Before, she wanted to pursue a career in education reform or in the nonprofit sector, however now she would like to expand her horizons and explore the other ways in which she can help people.

In an effort to better narrow her career goals, Rebecca is interning at The Massachusetts State House as the Legislative Aid in Senator Chang-Diaz’s office. Senator Chang-Diaz is recognized as an advocate for public education, access and opportunities for low-income and immigrant communities, and for those affected by hate crimes and youth violence. Social justice and helping others have always been passions of mine, and public service involves both and more. From this experience, Rebecca hopes to learn more about public service and public policy.

As their Legislative Aide, she will handle issues such as Immigration, Children/Families, and Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Her primary task is to assist the staff in managing correspondence with the Senator’s constituents. Rebecca will have the opportunity to work closely with legislative staff to address constituent concerns in the areas of housing, public safety, education, public assistance, elder services, etc., and to make sure that each constituent knows that the Senator and staff have taken the appropriate steps to respond to the situation. This takes place through reception, data entry, and letter drafting. In addition to this, she will assist with daily issues that arise in the office. This may include contributing to online outreach through the Senator’s website and social media, filing, deliveries, and researching issues. The assignments depend on the staff need and the appropriate match of an intern’s interests and skills. Rebecca will also have the opportunity to witness various parts of the legislative process, including briefings, hearings, and debates on the Senate floor.



Tate Krasner
International Studies, Class of 2016

Tate Krasner is a junior from Charlotte, NC. He is an International Studies major with a concentration in Ethics and minors in Chinese and Russian. At Boston College, Tate serves as an Undergraduate Research Fellow for Kenneth Himes of the Theology Department, whose work focuses on the ethics of targeted killing and drone policy. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Al-Noor, Boston College’s Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Journal, and is a member of the Presidential Scholars Program. Last summer, Tate received an Advanced Study Grant to research the relationship between mass transit and urban development in Charlotte and Atlanta, and recently, he was an attendee at the “Colloquium on Revitalizing Catholic Engagement on Nuclear Disarmament” at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

This summer, Tate will be interning at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, a graduate school and policy think tank of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The University of Pennsylvania’s “Think Tanks & Civil Societies Program” has consistently named RSIS one of the top think tanks in both Asia and the world, with expertise and extensive research on strategic and international affairs. At RSIS, he will serve as a research and translation assistant for Professor Richard Bitzinger of the Military Transformation Programme and Professor Mingjiang Li of the China Programme. He will be focusing on the process of Chinese militarization and its potential impacts on US-Chinese relations. Bitzinger’s work concentrates on Chinese defense transformation and modernization, specifically cyber, robotic, and aerospace high-technology innovation, while Li’s work focuses on Chinese and East Asian Security and Sino-US relations. Research will be conducted primarily in Mandarin.

In the future, Tate plans to pursue a career in either international law or public policy, with a focus on security issues and conflict resolution. He seeks to gain admittance into law school or a graduate program for public or foreign policy, with the eventual hopes of working for an international or nongovernmental organization."



Julia Lamberti
Accounting and Hispanic Studies, Class of 2015

Julia Lamberti is a junior pursuing degrees in Accounting and Hispanic Studies. As a member of Boston College’s Global Service and Justice Program, Julia examines issues of social justice, concentrating in Immigration and Economic Development. She developed an enthusiasm for technology and entrepreneurship after working with micro-entrepreneurs in Honduras and participating in technology field studies in Silicon Valley and Ghana. She grew her interest in government while volunteering in the Office of Refugee Resettlement at Catholic Charities of Boston, at which she helped to administer federally funded refugee programs. In an effort to study technology in a political context, Julia received an Advanced Study Grant from the University Fellowships Committee to research the landscape for mobile banking solutions in Argentina. During her time abroad, she interned at the United States Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. In past years, Julia interned at Endeavor Global, a “venture catalyst” firm, and in the Department of Estate Planning at Abrams Fensterman LLP. On campus, Julia has served as an International Assistant, assigned to facilitate the transition of incoming international students, and is a student organizer for BCVC SEED, the social entrepreneurship track of the Boston College Venture Competition. Originally from Huntington, New York, Julia graduated Our Lady of Mercy Academy in 2011 as President of the Spanish National Honor Society, receiving the Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award for academic excellence and dedication to community action.

This summer, Julia will have an opportunity to study the intersection of technology, politics, and economic development through an internship in the Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement (IPE) in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs at the U.S. State Department. She will assist in organizing and approving IPE’s overseas outreach projects on intellectual property issues and she will join the fight against counterfeit pharmaceuticals by supporting IPE’s agenda for safe, high-quality medicines. She is eager to contribute in promoting a strong intellectual property framework that allows innovative technology to scale to potential and that raises the standard of living for marginalized populations. After graduation, Julia hopes to work for a company or government agency that promotes sustainable economic development and increases access to technology worldwide.



Ryan D. Lee
English, Class of 2016

Ryan D. Lee will be entering his Junior year at Boston College this Fall after transferring to BC after his freshman year in North Carolina. He is majoring in English and minoring in Political Economy. The seemingly different areas of study between his major and minor is a direct reflection of his personality and interests: eclectic and, at times, capricious.  Ryan’s interests in Russian literature and US foreign policy gives him a base on which to forge a connection between his major and minor. He hopes to indulge these interests simultaneously, finding connections and disparities, all the while remaining cognizant of their distinct fields.

After graduation, Ryan plans to attend law school and eventually practice law either in corporate law or in prosecution at any level. This summer, Ryan will intern at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, where he will get his first glimpse of criminal law. As an intern in the Homicide Unit, he will be working under attorneys who are considered the most skilled prosecutors. Ryan will work with them to formulate a case and witness their presentation in court. The close relation between the DA’s office and the Boston Police Department will allow him to explore the field of law enforcement and the dynamic between these two branches of the state. He also hopes to spend some time in the police department in order to understand the relationship and the process of creating a case, from finding the evidence to the presentation of the evidence.



Tesia Mancosky
International Studies, Class of 2015

Tesia Mancosky, originally from Westminster, CO, is a senior at Boston College studying International Studies with a focus in Political Science and Latin American Studies. During her senior year of high school, Tesia volunteered at the African Community Center in Denver, a refugee resettlement agency. She assisted with the resettlement and accommodation of newly arrived refugees and planned activities to facilitate their acculturation process. This experience, particularly her work with the English tutoring program, inspired her passion for sharing and learning about culture and languages, and ultimately led to Tesia’s election to spend a semester abroad in Quito, Ecuador. During her time abroad, she had an internship at Asylum Access, planning visa workshops and teaching English classes to Colombian and Cuban asylum-seekers. This summer, Tesia will continue in the same line of work in Managua, Nicaragua with Manna Project International, an NGO dedicated to holistic community development.

Manna Project Nicaragua works in two communities: Cedro Galán and Villa Guadalupe. Manna has had an active presence in Cedro Galán for ten years, and has built and now operates a community center through which English and liveliness classes are taught. Villa Guadalupe houses the people that formerly lived in La Chureca, the largest open-air landfill in Central America. In Villa Guadalupe, Manna runs a women’s jewelry cooperative and a child sponsorship program. As a summer intern, Tesia will be actively involved in and responsible for several of these programs. Furthermore, she will work with the administrative team, managing the finances and grant applications that ensure Manna’s future in Nicaragua. Tesia hopes that her experience will enhance her understanding of the role of NGOs in civil and democratic development, particularly in a country where democracy has a limited history and faces a challenging future.

Her senior year at Boston College brings more exciting opportunities. In addition to joining the team of international assistants that help to welcome exchange students to the BC community, Tesia will also spend the year interning for the Center for Human Rights and International Justice as an undergraduate assistant. While Tesia is not certain where her postgraduate life will lead her just yet, she has long aspired to join the Peace Corps where she would be able to continue her work with sustainable development. Ultimately, Tesia would like to pursue a career with the Department of State working with the Foreign Service.



Marissa Marandola
Political Science, Class of 2016

Marissa Marandola, a native of Cranston, Rhode Island, is a junior and Presidential Scholar in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is a Political Science major with minors in American Studies and Management and Leadership. On campus, Marissa works as Undergraduate Research Fellow for Assistant Professor of Political Science David Hopkins, sings with the Liturgy Arts Group, serves on the staff of Elements, and is a member of the BC Splash executive board. She presented her original research, “Ahlquist v. Cranston: The Establishment Clause and Public School Prayer,” at the 2014 Atlantic Coast Conference Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Research Conference. Marissa has interned at the Juvenile Justice Department of the Rhode Island Family Court system, the Italian Home for Children, and Educational Development Group, Inc.

This summer, Marissa is an intern at the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity and the Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General. The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity is a nonpartisan public policy think tank devoted to proposing free-market solutions to the challenges facing the Ocean State. Marissa, as an intern, will attend strategy meetings and plan Center events. The primary focus of her work will be research and policy development, through three Center projects: forming a school choice policy, compiling data on economic metrics, and tracking legislators’ records to create voter education tools. At the Office of the Attorney General, Marissa will work directly with an attorney in the Criminal Division. She will perform research in the Attorney General’s law library to assist with case preparation, compile case evidence through communication with police departments, participate in witness interviews, and observe proceedings in Rhode Island Superior Court. In addition, Marissa will help to organize events related to Rhode Island’s prison outreach program, which allows inmates to earn community engagement credits by sharing their stories with middle and high schools students.

Marissa plans to attend law school following her graduation from Boston College in 2016. Although her career goals are not quite set, she hopes to find a field that will combine her interests in constitutional law, civil rights, and public policy.



John Moroney
Political Science, Class of 2015

John Moroney (Jack) is a senior at Boston College majoring in political science and minoring in history. He grew up wanting to be an eagle, his mother was class of ’84 and he was born at St. Elizabeth’s in Brighton, MA. His family moved to Minnesota when he was seven. 

Jack has always been interested in politics, and American political history is his passion. His other interests include sports, economics, and American literature. Last summer, Jack interned at a wealth management firm (Schwarz Dygos Wheeler Investment Advisors) in downtown Minneapolis. There he learned a great deal about finance and economics, which has complemented his political education and has helped him to gain perspective in the area.

Jack has also worked with the sales team at Assurx as a marketing associate. Assurx sells compliance management software among other products, mostly to life-science companies. In addition to providing him with an opportunity to learn sales skills, this work has given Jack insight into a growing and essential market. It has certainly shaped the way he looks at health policy, and as his extended family has always been medicine centric, it is an academic priority of Jack to learn as much as he can about the policies within the field of healthcare.

This summer, Jack will be interning with his district’s representative, Congressman John Kline (MN-2). Some of his duties will include answering constituent calls, drafting replies to mail, and giving tours to visiting constituents. He is most excited about the chance to summarize policy points and attend meetings, legislative sessions, and conferences in order to keep the office up to date. Congressman Kline is part of the House Committee on Armed Services and chairs the House Committee on Education and the workforce, so John will focus most of his efforts on education policy and military affairs.

Working in DC and in politics has long been a dream of Jack’s. He hopes to parlay this opportunity into something long term in the city. Working as a staff member for a representative would be an initial goal, and he hopes to attend law school and eventually engage in making policy in some capacity.



Adam Murray
Political Science, Class of 2015

Adam Murray is a senior political science major with a minor in education. He was born and raised in Troy, NY. His interest in politics comes from going up in a very political household. Dinnertime discussions would often end up as discussions of current events and political theater. His older brother Ben is quite the political junkie and fostered Adam’s developing interest in politics. In high school, Adam was involved in a Youth and Government program that deepened both his understanding and love for government.  Government is the mechanism by which the people of this country can mold and shape into the country that they want it to be. Adam wants to play a role in turning the voice of the public into action. 

This summer Adam will be participating in an internship program at Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office in Albany, New York. This internship will provide him an inside look into the workings of a congressional office and will allow him to decide if work in the public service is in his future.  His role as an intern will principally be working in constituent services acting as a conduit between the Senator’s constituents and the Senator’s staff. 

After graduation, Adam hopes to work in the area of education politics. Whether this involvement would be through working with the non-profit sector or through public service is yet to be determined, but he is keen on the opportunity to play a part in making the American educational system live up to its potential as a mechanism for providing opportunity for every child in America. Adam hopes to further investigate this passion of his, through his work in the Senator’s office and in the upcoming year.



Kaitlin O’Donnell
International Studies, Class of 2016

Kaitlin O’Donnell is a junior at Boston College from Portland, Oregon. She is an International Studies Major with a focus on Ethics and Social Justice and is also a Spanish minor. At BC, Kaitlin is involved in the Student Initiatives department of UGBC, the Student Admissions Program, community service, the Social Justice Coalition, and intramural basketball where her teammates and she are trying to form a women’s club team for the coming school year. Next fall, she will be spending the semester abroad in Bilbao, Spain.

This summer, Kaitlin will be interning at Medical Teams International in Portland, Oregon. Medical Teams International is an organization that provides health services to those in need who ordinarily wouldn’t have access to proper care. The organization helps with disaster relief, provides dental services to low-income people, distributes medical supplies and volunteer medical teams around the world, and helps people in developing nations get access to healthcare. At this internship, Kaitlin will be working in the Marketing and Development department to help plan for the organization’s annual auction. This auction raises millions of dollars for the Medical Teams International and provides funding for the many services they provide. Her responsibilities will be to assist the marketing and development department in whatever way possible.

As far as her future goes, Kaitlin does not have any concrete expectations or plans after college. However, she knows for certain that whatever she ends up doing as a career will involve helping those in need. Kaitlin would love to have a career that allows her to travel the world doing service for impoverished people in order to improve their quality of life.  She envisions working for a nonprofit, in the government, or as a lawyer. Her dream would be to work for the UN in some way. While she does not quite know which path she will choose, she knows that it will involve her deep passion to help change societal structures and provide services to better the lives of as many people as possible.



Maria Picariello
Political Science, Class of 2016

Maria Picariello is a junior at Boston College where she is pursuing a political science major and history minor.  She is currently a Big Sister in Boston College’s Big Sister/Little Sister organization. She is also a member of the public speaking club “Word of Mouth.” In her free time, Maria enjoys playing sports and traveling. This past year she volunteered twice a week at a homeless shelter in Boston for mothers and children. At the shelter she learned about the role the government plays in this sphere of society. Next spring, Maria will be studying abroad in Florence and will spend that time learning about Italian history and culture. While in Italy, Maria hopes to get a new perspective from a foreign country with a different system of government.

This summer Maria will be interning at her Congressman’s office in Morristown, New Jersey.  At Congressman Frelinghuysen’s office, she will perform a wide variety of tasks. Some of her duties include writing correspondences and memos, managing phone calls with constituents, and researching various topics and issues. She will attend meetings with the Congressman and assist the employees in their daily tasks.  Maria will also be assigned special projects to complete with the other intern in the office. These assignments are completed in both an individual and group environment. This summer Maria will learn valuable skills such as time management and accountability. This internship will give her great insight into the inner mechanisms of the legislative branch. In the future, Maria hopes to pursue a career in public service. Her goal is to eventually work for a government agency such as the Department of Homeland Security or the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 



Brandan Ray
History, Class of 2015

Brandan Ray is from Clifton Park, New York and is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a history major with a minor in philosophy and is also a member of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program and Pre-law Program. He is a member of the Boston College University Chorale, Committee for Creative Enactments, the Women’s Resource Center’s Bystander Intervention Program, as well as several theatrical productions for the Theatre Department or other student theatre groups. Brandan is also a member of the Golden Key Honors Society and the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society. He has recently spent a semester studying abroad at the National University of Ireland at Maynooth.

This summer Brandan will be working for New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman in Albany, New York. He will be working for the Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau as a mediator responsible for handling consumer complaint cases regarding fraudulent or misleading business practices in the state of New York. A number of these cases are formally resolved through a non-court based mediation process by which both the consumer and business are able to work out an agreeable solution. His duties as a mediator will include keeping in touch with consumers regarding their ongoing case, contacting both large corporate and small business owners with the regards to their involvement with a consumer’s case, and properly copying, filing, and entering the case’s development into the Bureau’s database. In addition, he will be performing similar duties for the Civil Recoveries Bureau, which handles the recuperation of money owed to State agencies through affirmative litigation through nine specialized units, four of which have their offices in Albany.

For Brandan’s senior year he is writing a thesis on the Goodridge v. Board of Public Health case that legalized same sex marriage within the state of Massachusetts. He plans to attend law school following the completion of his undergraduate education with the intention to become a corporate or media attorney.



Sloan Renfro
History, Class of 2016

Sloan Renfro grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, and attended Christ Church Episcopal School. Throughout high school, she enjoyed participating in Youth in Government, playing varsity soccer, serving as the Honor Council chair, and playing the flute in the jazz band. At Boston College, she is currently enrolled in the Arts and Sciences Honors program, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Medical Humanities on the pre-law track. Sloan enjoys studying the political history of international relations, specifically in the spheres of human rights and national security.

Beyond academics, Sloan is an avid participant in the Undergraduate Government of Boston College. She began her student government career in the Mentoring Leadership Program as a freshman. After gaining key leadership skills and mentorship, she became the Women’s and Gender Empowerment Director of UGBC during her sophomore year. One of the highlights in her UGBC experience has been the ability to plan and create the Boston College Annual Women’s Summit, a networking event at which female undergraduates gain leadership training as well valuable career advice from female Boston College alumni across a variety of professional fields. In addition to her involvement in UGBC, Sloan is also the Vice President of the Episcopal Chaplaincy of Boston College and a tour guide and panelist of the Student Admissions Program.

This summer, Sloan will intern in the Office of the Principle Legal Advisor of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement of Homeland Security in Dallas, Texas. This internship marries her interests in the legal profession with her passion for governmental affairs regarding national security issues. Specifically, she will be involved in legal affairs concerning human, drug, and weapon trafficking. After the summer, she will continue to gain internship experience during her time in the Boston University Geneva Internship program in Switzerland. Studying abroad in Geneva will equip her with invaluable knowledge of the international community. It is Sloan’s hope that these two formational experiences will provide her crucial insight for her future career plans. After college, Sloan hopes to attend law school and pursue a profession in international relations, law, or policy.



Marissa Sangimino
English, Class of 2015

Marissa Sangimino will be interning this summer with the West Penn Allegheny Health System (WPAHS) Singer Research Institute. Through the internship, she will work on the Patient-Safety Project for WPAHS, under the advisement of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Singer Research Institute, to provide quality research and analytical data. By considering socio-historical, economic, and medical data, and working closely with 2nd year Medical Residents, faculty, and professionals, she will help to improve safety conditions and reduce complications for hospital patients through the implementation of a new systems initiative at West Penn Allegheny Hospital in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The initiative serves, in particular, underprivileged and low-income communities in the North Side of Pittsburgh.

In the internship, Marissa will perform intensive research, aid in the creation of a data collection mechanism within the office structure of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, collect and document objective and subjective information from patients with data collection specialists, and work with a statistician to analyze all research. Further, she will work closely with faculty, professionals, and other interns to design an intervention strategy for the system to reduce complications in the future; this involves the design of educational programming events for Orthopaedic Department faculty and Medical Residents, and a course to certify casting credentials. She will utilize research and interpersonal skills, as well as her educational background in Business Law, Law and Economic Policy, and writing, to execute the project with unique attention to the needs of Northern Pittsburgh residents.

Marissa’s career plan is to devote herself to research involving the intersections between medical, legal, and economic issues, particularly as they relate to nutrition and medical care. To accomplish this, she hopes to attend legal or graduate school after completion of her undergraduate degree at Boston College. Marissa is grateful to be accepted as a Junior Fellow for the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, and will be honored to accept the internship with WPAHS, which will bring her closer to her goal and provide her an opportunity to pursue her interests in civil service.


Max Stoff
Political Science, Class of 2016

Max Stoff is a junior at Boston College, studying Political Science and Human Development. He has spent most of his life in Arlington, Massachusetts and attended Matignon High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Max’s favorite pastime is shooting baskets at the park a few blocks away from his house, and he is an avid New England Sports fan. His ideal meal is a fresh lobster roll with milk and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Max enjoys meeting new people who share his interests in education reform and public policy, and he is particularly ambitious in regards to education reform both on a local and national level. He strongly believes that education truly is the civil rights issue of his generation, and through the proper implementation of public policy and the dedication of passionate individuals, he believes that major advances can be made in the field of national education. By interning for Senator Elizabeth Warren this summer, Max hopes to improve his understanding of public policy while serving his home district.

Max is very excited to intern in Senator Warren’s Washington, DC office. Senator Warren serves as a member on the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, the Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions and the Special Committee on Aging. Additionally, Senator Warren is well known as consumer protection advocate who is dedicated to working for the middle class. As an intern he is expected to complete a variety of duties, varying from conducting research for the legislative staff, to communicating with constituents, to helping with office administration. Also, he will assist with tours of the United States Capitol for visiting constituents, attend Senate related briefings and hearings, and support the press staff. Through this internship, Max hopes to interact with various federal officials and agencies in order to help advance the Senator’s agenda. After the internship, he is confident that he will have a clearer understanding of the communication and compromise that is required to craft effective policy. Max hopes to apply his passion for serving the public interest and the professional skills he will gain this summer to pursue a career advancing the public good.


Darby Sullivan
International Studies, Class of 2016

Darby Sullivan is a junior International Studies major with a concentration in Ethics and International Social Justice and a Women and Gender Studies minor. Darby is from Olney, Maryland, a small town in the suburbs of Washington, DC. While in Olney, Darby enjoys volunteering as a call counselor for a local crisis hotline and playing with her dog, Rosie. During the school year in Boston, Darby enjoys mentoring at-risk young girls as a part of the Strong Women Strong Girls Association, serving as a Big Sister for the Big Sister Association of Boston, and working as a research assistant in the Women and Gender Studies department. As a sophomore, Darby participated in a yearlong internship at a nonprofit in downtown Boston, Community Change Inc., that focuses on education and activism directed at furthering racial equality.

This summer, Darby will participate in a Boston College service and immersion trip to Jamaica through the Campus Ministry. While in Kingston, Darby will serve as a teaching assistant at a local primary and high school. After her trip, Darby is excited to begin her internship at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in downtown Washington, DC. She will be collaborating on the Educational Opportunities Project, which works to advance our nation’s ideals of providing equal and adequate public education for our students. Darby will be supporting two initiatives in this Project, including the Parental Readiness and Empowerment Program, which offers workshops and resources to parents in targeted communities, and the South Jersey Educational Reentry Program, which offers pro bono legal aid to youth in the juvenile justice system. Darby will prepare workshops, parent guides, promotional materials, and provide basic legal assistance for both of these programs. Additionally, Darby will be contributing to the Lawyers’ Committee’s blog, Ed Equity, and attending other briefings held by related organizations around the city. In the future, Darby hopes to pursue a career in law or public policy and work to advance human and civil rights for the most vulnerable in our society.


Muhan Zhang
Class of 2015

Muhan Zhang, Bostonian born and raised, unknowingly stumbled upon the world of international relations during his time as a Fulbright scholar to Xi'an, China. Before embarking on his Chinese language coming-of-age, his work primarily focused on the juncture between tech and entrepreneurship. Growing up with his grandparents for most of his life and later teaching his grandfather to use a computer, Zhang saw the potential in technology for bringing about social good. He would go on to be the Social Track Winner in the BCVC Elevator Pitch Competition for his senior citizen Internet literacy program "Augmentide", in addition to becoming a teaching assistant in the university's computer science department.

This summer, the BC senior will be working at the State Department Office of International Communications and Information Policy (EB/CIP): the interagency lead responsible for the formulation, coordination, and oversight of American policy related to information and communication technology. As an intern, Zhang looks forward to working with a small focused team whose diverse responsibilities include creating technology profiles of foreign nations, partnering with private sector leaders to represent the U.S. in international meetings, and coordinating information between advisory committees, consumer organizations, and U.S. embassies around the world. Armed with both a business and technical background, Zhang hopes his skills will be complementary to and augmented by his government experience.

Regarding future plans, Zhang heavily anticipates entering the workforce and hitting the ground running. When asked about a specific professional direction, Zhang confesses that he is still "just a wanna-be techy with a soft side for people" but would like to pursue something "interdisciplinary, whatever that means." To cap off three years of ardent but rewarding classes in CS, he will continue his one-sided love affair with programming this fall through a Google Glass independent study under the guidance of James Gips, professor and pioneer of both the Eagle Eyes and Camera Mouse projects here at Boston College. For the audacious few who may consider hiring Zhang after graduation, he is happy to refer employers to his 2010 TEDxBoston talk and 2012 Chinese debate videos for a better grasp of his character, with full disclosure that he is "not responsible for puberty and any voice cracks it may incur."