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The Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy

Clough Graduate Workshop: Fall 2017

clough center for the study of constitutional democracy

Clough Graduate Workshop title image showing the exterior of 10 Stone Ave

Tuesdays at Noon • 10 Stone Avenue, Room 201 • Boston College

This workshop offers a forum for Clough Graduate Fellows, from an array of disciplines, to present research and receive critical feedback from other graduate students. By invitation only. For details, email

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Presenters & Topics: fall 2017

Welcome Meeting

SEP 12

Scott Reznick, English
"The Sense of Liberty": Democracy, Consensus, and Liberal Sentimentality in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Political Novels.

SEP 19

Juliana Butron, Political Science
Tilting at Windmills: Damages Suits Against State Sponsors of Terror.

SEP 26

Michael Franczak, History
Human Rights and Basic Needs: Jimmy Carter's North-South Dialogue.

Cerdick-Michael Simmons, Sociology
"It's Like, Let's Control Them": Racial Reaffirmation, Diversity, and Administrators' Response to "Racial" Issues.

OCT 10
Zhuoyao Li, Philosophy
Confusianism and Multivariate Democracy in East Asia.

OCT 17
Felix A. Jiménez Botta, History
"Solidarity with the Fighting Chilean People!": Apogee and Decline of the Chile Solidarity Movement in West Germany.

OCT 24
John Lindner, Economics
Biased Beliefs and Job Search: Implications for Optimal Unemployment Insurance

OCT 31
Will Attwood-Charles, Sociology
Technology and Control: Organizing Through Digital Platforms

Eric Pencek, English
Raymond's Community of Thieves: Godwin, the Burke-Paine Debates, and the British Constitution

NOV 14
Heather Pangle, Political Science
Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century Europe: The Friendship and Political Thought of J.S. Mill and Alexis de Tocqueville

NOV 21
Joseph McCrave, Theology
Is Forgiveness a Political Virtue?: A Theological Perspective

NOV 28
Yoosun Chu, Social Work
Civic Engagement and Governance among Low-Income People: A Two-Level Cross-National Analysis in 37 Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Fumi Inoue, History
The 1970 Koza Riot in U.S.-Occupied Okinawa and the Politics of Anti-Base Protest