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Mission Statement

The Arts and Social Responsibility Project will build upon the uniqueness inherent in the fine and performing arts to positively influence our society. Recognizing that art has the potential to communicate, engage, instruct, educate and heal in ways that words alone cannot, the program provides a platform to support creative artistic endeavors that incorporate scholarly, responsible and ethical goals. Arts and Social Responsibility Projects will demonstrate how art can serve as communication, marketing, activism, education and therapy. Students will be involved in all aspects of the program's activities from governing and forming collaborative initiatives through the generation and execution of these ideas as a means to educate them to be 'men and women for others'. Working independently or in combination with other disciplines, students and faculty will explore social responsibility through the program’s sponsored artistic projects, multi-faceted lectures and research. Arts and Social Responsibility Project seeks to engage students, artists, scholars and faculty along with audience members in the creation of art and performance as a means to shape positive change in today’s society.

Arts and Social Responsibility Project functions on the beliefs that:
  1. Solving local and global problems should be the concern of everyone.
  2. Everyone has the power and responsibility to create positive change.
  3. Art and performance, through their unique abilities to impact participants and audience members emotionally, intuitively and intellectually, should play a vital role in positive social change.
  4. Art and performance is a unique experiential pedagogy that develops the integrated knowledge of our students.
  5. Respect, intelligence and compassion are essential ingredients in the process.
Social Responsibility

Social responsibility, as referred to here, implies a broad range of efforts by individuals or groups to help others individually, locally or globally. These efforts may include activism for issues such as human rights, social justice, the environment, disaster relief and alleviating poverty. This may also refer to efforts for the health and welfare of persons in need such as those living with poverty, addiction, illness, abandonment, disabilities or other socially isolating conditions. Social responsibility implies that all processes used for these purposes will be a genuine benefit to the recipients, processes that are not imposed or forced, but created in conjunction with the recipients and with great respect and compassion.