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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

The Future of Liberal Education


Further Reading by W. Robert Connor

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Further Reading

"A Liberal Education: Should academics join the government?" by Martha C. Nussbaum,The New Republic, March 11, 2011.


In The News

"Workforce needs a liberal arts education, not skills training, says professor," by Vishal Persaud, The Jersey Journal, February 21, 2011.

This article discusses the lecture of Stanley Aronowitz, author and professor of sociology and urban education at the City University of New York's graduate center, who argues that, "in order to foster creative, innovative-minded workers, institutions of higher learning need to enforce four pillars of education - literature, history, philosophy and biology." 

"Lowering Higher Education," interview with James E. Cote and Anton L. Allahar by Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, February 23, 2011.

In this interview, Cote and Allahar discuss their new book, Lowering Higher Education: The Rise of Corporate Universities and the Fall of Liberal Education, which urges colleges to asses "whether these trends result in the sacrifice of important academic values."