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Further Readings

Excellent article from Nature explaining the promises and pitfalls of new stem cell techniques:

"5 Things to Know Before Jumping on the iPS Bandwagon" by David Cyranoski (link)

Link to general information on stem cells:
National Institute of Health

An overview of ethical issues related to stem cells:
International Society for Stem Cell Research

Recent scientific advances may have reframed the ethical debate about stem cells.  Announcements in 2007 made national headlines, and prompted political responses.


Stolberg, Sheryl Gay. "Method Equalizes Stem Cell Debate," New York Times, November 11, 2007.
Nickerson, Colin. "Studies Cite New Process for Stem Cells," Boston Globe, June 7, 2007.

Professor Isacson discusses his Parkinson's research and what's next in Parkinson's research.(Accessible to scientifically-minded non-scientists)

Colen, B.D. "HSCI researchers see major breakthrough". Harvard University Gazette, September 11, 2008.