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Gambling Quiz

gambling and the american moral landscape

Quiz: Test Your Gambling Knowledge

(Source: American Gaming Association,
• How many U.S. states have no legalized gaming whatsoever?
o One 
o Three
o Seven
• Is the rate of personal bankruptcies positively correlated with the presence of casino gambling?
o Yes
o No

• By how much has gross gaming revenue (GGR; the total amount wagered minus winnings returned to gamblers) increased in the U.S. every year since 1995?
o $40-60 million
o $200-700 million
o $2-6 billion

• How much was GGR in 2005, the most recent year for which statistics have been compiled?
o $1.1 billion
o $9.5 billion
o $83.7 billion

• How many states have commercial (non-Indian) casinos?

o Seven
o Eleven
o Thirteen
• Of these, how many offer free alcohol to their patrons?
o Two
o Four
o Six
• How many states have Indian casinos?
o 9
o 22
o 28

• Collectively, do commercial or Indian casinos take in more revenue?
o Commercial
o Indian

• How many states have lotteries?
o 36
o 42
o 45
• Is Internet gambling legal?
o Yes
o No
o Maybe

• How many Americans feel that casino gambling is acceptable behavior for themselves or others?
o 72%
o 82%
o 92%

• How many U.S. adults are classified as pathological gamblers?
o About 0.5%
o About 1%
o About 2%
• True or false: The average U.S. casino customer earns less at his or her “day job” than an average member of the general population.
o True
o False

• True or false: Retired people are disproportionately represented among American casino customers, compared to the general population.
o True
o False