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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Paper Abstracts

gambling and the american moral lanscape

The following paper abstracts were written six months before the October 2007 conference; the final papers delivered at the conference and published in the book to follow may reflect changes made after these abstracts were written.

Panel 1: The New Politics and Policy of Gambling

  1. "Ends and Means in State Lotteries: The Importance of a Good Cause"
    Charles T. Clotfelter and Philip J. Cook (Duke University)
  2. "The Politics of Sovereignty and the Federal Role in Gambling"
    Michael Nelson (Rhodes College)
  3. "The Morality of Indian Gaming: Negotiating a Different Terrain"
    Kathryn R.L. Rand and Steven A. Light (University of North Dakota)

Panel 2: Individual Behavior, Social Impact

  1. "Behavioral Measures of Risk-Taking"
    Rachel Croson, Matthew Fox and James Sundali (University of Pennsylvania)
  2. "Gambling with the Family?"
    John P. Hoffmann (Brigham Young University)
  3. "A Neuropsychiatric Perspective on Gambling and Morality"
    Marc Potenza (Yale University)

Panel 3: Theology, Gambling and Risk

  1. "The Memory of Sin"
    William Galston (Brookings Institution)
  2. "Grace and Gambling"
    Kathryn Tanner (University of Chicago)
  3. "The Puzzling History of the Criminal Law of Gambling"
    David A. Skeel, Jr. (University of Pennsylvania) and William Stuntz (Harvard University)

Panel 4: Gambling in American Culture

  1. "The Tale of Two 'Sins': Regulation of Gambling and Tobacco"
    Richard McGowan, S.J. (Boston College)
  2. "Beyond Pathology: The Cultural Meanings of Gambling"
    T. J. Jackson Lears (Rutgers University)
  3. "The Culture War Issue that Never Was: Why the Right and Left Have
    Overlooked Gambling"
    Alan Wolfe (Boston College)


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