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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Schedule Fulbright June 2003

boisi center for religion and american public life

Monday, June 2 
Arrival Day

Mark Potter will coordinate pick ups at Logan airport and transfers to 90 St. Thomas More Hall where research assistants Tom Denardot and Grace Simmons will welcome guests, settle them in their accommodations, and give them informal tours of campus. 
6:00 PM There will be an informal dinner at the Boisi Center with those guests who have already arrived and Boisi Center staff.
Tuesday, June 3

Orientation Day I
Location: Boisi Center 
9:00 AM Continental Breakfast at the Boisi Center
Welcome and Introductions
Program orientation
Orientation to local transportation
Fill out health forms
Make copies of passports, visas, and tickets
(Please be sure to bring these with you on the first day)
Financial orientation and check disbursement
 Working Lunch/Prayer at the Boisi Center
Afternoon Get campus photo ids
Visit bank to set up accounts and get cash
Tour of local area and opportunity to shop for food and incidentals
Tour of computing and library facilities.
  Gather at Edmunds to take public transportation to a local restaurant for working dinner (Middle Eastern food)
 June 2-8

June 9-15

June 16-22

June 23-July 1 

Wednesday, June 4

Orientation Day II
Location: Boisi Center 
AM Campus tour/security briefing/discussion of scholarly presentations 
Noon Self-serve group lunch at lower dining facility at Boston College. Participants will be expected to buy their own meals at this point unless indicated in the schedule as a *working meal*.

Prayer at Boisi Center or in rooms
Afternoon Take group photo

Lecture on Religious Diversity in America
Dinner: Guests can eat independently or gather in small groups with staff members to explore neighborhood restaurants. 
Thursday, June 5

Religious Diversity in the U.S.
Location: 5th Floor McGuinn 
9:30 AM  Lecture introducing some of the problems diversity presents for U.S. society 
10:30 AM Small groups discussing the problems religious minorities present for Islamic societies and how they are handled. How is this handled legally, theologically and practically?
Noon Lunch and Prayer (self service) 
PM Large group sharing of small group findings with experts Don Hafner and Kathleen Bailey (Political Science, Boston College)

Group discussion: Can one be a good Muslim in a pluralist society? In the US?
Friday, June 6

Study Tour-Hartford Seminary
8:30 AM Pick up from Edmunds hall for travel to Hartford Seminary (2 hours)

Panel/Discussion with Faculty at the Duncan Black MacDonald Center for the Study of Islam in America

Professors Ingrid Mattson and Ibrahim Abu Rabi
Lunch  Working Lunch and Jum’aa Prayer with Muslim students
Afternoon Presentation on study of American mosques presented

David Roozen
Jane Smith
Scott Thumma 
3:00 PM  Return to Boston

Saturday, June 7

Boston Tour 
9:30 AM Travel by public transportation to Prudential Center, take Duck Tour 
Lunch  Self serve lunch at Prudential Center Food Court
Afternoon Independent or small group sight seeing with Boisi Center staff 

Sunday, June 8

Free Time-Church Visit
Mostly Free day
4:45 PM Vans depart from Edmunds for Our Lady’s Parish in Newton (Catholic Church)
5:00 PM Meet parish staff for introduction to the Catholic Mass
6:00 PM Mass
7:15 PM Vans return to Edmunds