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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Boisi Center Staff Courses

Photo of Alan Wolfe

Courses taught by Alan Wolfe:

Seminar: American Culture War
Political Science POLI 3358
(formerly known as PO 358)
Recent syllabus: Fall 2014

Seminar: Religion and Politics
Political Science POLI 3351
(formerly known as PO 351)
Recent syllabus: Fall 2013

Liberalism and Conservatism
Political Science POLI 3359
(formerly known as PO 359)
Recent syllabus: Spring 2013

he Problem of Evil
Political Science POLI 3357
(formerly known as PO 357)
Recent syllabus: Spring 2010

Photo of Erik Owens

Courses taught by Erik Owens:

Ethics, Religion and
International Politic
International Studies INTL 5563 / Theology THEO 5563
Philosphy PHIL 5563
(formerly known as International Studies 600 / Theology 563)
Recent syllabi: Fall 2014
International Studies Course Spotlight

Religion(s) and American
Public Schools
THEO 5492 / EDUC 4402
(formerly known as Theology 492 / Education 402)
Course Information
Recent syllabi: Spring 2014

Ethics and the Economic Crisis
THEO 5427
(formerly known as Theology 427)
Spring 2010

For God and Country: Thinking about Religion and Citizenship
Theology 486
Spring 2007 / Fall 2008

Ethical Issues in Business and Economics
Theology 210
Erik Owens
Fall 2007

Please contact Erik Owens for more information about the above courses.