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Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Boisi Center Staff Courses

Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life

Photo of Alan Wolfe

Courses taught by Alan Wolfe:

Liberalism and Conservatism
Political Science POLI 3359
(formerly known as PO 359)
Recent syllabus: Spring 2016

Seminar: American Culture War
Political Science POLI 3358
(formerly known as PO 358)
Recent syllabus: Fall 2015

Seminar: Religion and Politics

Political Science POLI 3351
(formerly known as PO 351)
Recent syllabus: Fall 2013

The Problem of Evil
Political Science POLI 3357
(formerly known as PO 357)
Recent syllabus: Spring 2010




Photo of Erik Owens

Courses taught by Erik Owens:

South Africa:
Religion, Justice and Reconciliation
Theology / Intl Studies /
Africa & African Diaspora Studies 1226
[Co-teaching with Stephen Pope]
Summer 2017 (in South Africa)

Citizenship in American Political Theology and Political Philosophy
Theology 7487
Spring 2017

Ethics, Religion and 
International Politics
Most recent syllabus: Fall 2016
International Studies Course Spotlight (2011)

Turkey at the Crossroads:
Politics, Religion & the State
Summer 2015 (in Istanbul)

For God and Country: 
Thinking about Religion & Citizenship

Theology 7486
Spring 2015 syllabus

Religion(s) and American
Public Schools
THEO 5492 / EDUC 4402
Spring 2014 syllabus
Course Information

Ethics and the Economic Crisis
THEO 5427
Spring 2010 syllabus

Ethical Issues in Business
and Economics

THEO 210
Fall 2007 syllabus

Please contact Erik Owens for more information about the above courses.