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Do You Know Where The Calories Go?

Our bodies all need a daily supply of fuel to keep our engines running. Metabolic processes and body functions occur throughout the day, even when we are sleeping. High quality fuel is needed whether it's to breathe or bat an eyelash.

Average "resting metabolic rate" varies among people depending on height, weight, age, sex and lean body mass. A 5'2", nineteen-year-old woman weighing 100 pounds needs at least 1,200 calories per day to just sit around and do nothing! The fuel is needed for the heart to pump, lungs to breathe, kidneys and liver to function and nervous system to work. Our muscles even require fuel at rest.

When the body gets fewer calories than it needs, vital organs are denied the fuel they need to function. The result is that vital processes slow down and gradual damage occurs as the body tries to compensate for the fuel deficit by catabolizing its own protein stores. You owe your body a tank full of high test fuel everyday to keep your human machine in top form.


Boston College Eating Awareness Team
Last Updated: September 03, 2002