Sounds of Dissent
Saturday 12-1 P.M.

John Grebe

Show Description:
Too seldom we hear sounds of dissent in mainstream media. While no one honestly claims to have "all things considered," even our public broadcasting institutions have come to reflect their most privileged listener's interests. As they mine the wealthiest listener demographics to sell to their corporate underwriters, they distort the news. Let's clarify the crucial stories, views, and information excluded elsewhere. How can we build participatory non-commercial educational radio? Locally and globally, people are making sounds of dissent, independent of profit and advertising driven corporate bias. Please call or write in with your program ideas.

Past Featured Guests:

Noam Chomsky on the 12/16-18/98 U.S. bombing of Iraq.

Jackie Cabasso, Michael Klare, Paul Shoup, Julianne Smith, and Michael Simmons on continued U.S./NATO bombing, on U.S. ignorance of  democratic opposition in Serbia, and on U.S. use of bombings and  harmful sanctions (or their threat) for unilateral enforcement.

Phyllis Bennis on  U.S. aggression and criminal violation of international law, including bombing Iraq (Institute for Policy Studies, author of "Calling the Shots: How Washington Dominates Today's U.N.").

Nancy Gust live from Basra, Iraq, during her inspection of health conditions under U.S.-driven U.N. sanctions against Iraq.

George Capaccio returned the day before from Iraq with Voices in the Wilderness.

Edward N. Wolff (author of  Top Heavy) on wealth inequality in the U.S.

Bella Galhos (representative of the National Council of Timorese  Resistance) on 3/99 Timorese requests for disarming the paramilitaries, bringing U.N. peace monitors, and support for self- determination for East Timor.

Ann Withorn (Professor at U. of Mass. and a founder of the New School for Women) was arrested in welfare civil disobedience in December '98 for occupying Mass. Gov. Cellucci's office, on fighting  welfare cuts. She co-edited  For Crying Out Loud, a '96 anthology on women & poverty in the U.S.

Tomas Valasek (Center for Defense Information) from Slovakia, on  security issues, on Kosovar independence and the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe.

Linda Carney (mother, writer for Survival News, welfare recipient) on the effects of "welfare reform" on recipients' lives.

Betty Reed-Mandel (founder of Survivors, Inc. for welfare survivors) on Massachusetts "welfare reform."

Wendy Wallas (of Radio Villa Victoria of El Salvador) on her work since the '92 Peace Accords in El Salvador with young people creating an independent news network among that country's citizens.

Stephen Provizer (Radio Free Allston, MA, founding organizer), shut down by the FCC for unlicensed broadcasting of community radio.

Curt Goering on the '99 Amnesty International campaign on U.S. police misconduct, brutality, and abuses (Amnesty International  U.S.'s Deputy Executive Director).

Michael Avery on U.S. police misconduct, brutality, and abuses (National Lawyers Guild).

Ramone Baez (father of Anthony Baez—killed by NYC police officer's choke hold on 12/22/94) on police misconduct, brutality, and abuse.

Norman Solomon (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) on the consistent biases in mainstream news media (taped).

George Pillsbury (Director of the Massachusetts Money and Politics Project of Mass. Voters for Clean Elections) on Mass. Referendum Question 2--before the Nov. '98 elections.

 John O'Connor (Campaign for Fair Electric Rates) that dissented  from the electric utility industry's massively funded (and successful) drive to pass Mass. Referendum Question 4--before the Nov. '98 elections.

Anthony Schinella (Independent candidate for the U.S. House of  Representatives' 8th Congressional District's seat vacated by Joe Kennedy) on his run before the Nov. '98 elections.

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