September 17, 2004

Very fine tuning on these local radio shows, the fresh, the forgotten, the funky, and the quirky are always in rotation September 17, 2004 Psychotic Reactions WZBC, 90.3 FM, Wednesdays,5-6 p.m.This 60-minute slice of programming perfection is both an old-school and new-school garage punk's paradise. There's a thrilling rush of attitude adjustment you get when, confronted with the tapioca mush of modern rock radio, you turn the dial and hit upon this example of what it might sound like if it had any taste, guts, or imagination. What could be better than the grimy, fuzz-toned guitar and swaggering vocal of a Chocolate Watchband shoulda-been classic, or the perfect kiss-off line from a bunch of insolent kids power-chording their way through wrecked romance? These dreamers, schemers, poets, and punks make your universe -- or at least your drive home -- a little cooler.

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