Sabor Magazine

What is SABOR?

SABOR: a Spanish/Portuguese word for flavor
synonymous with taste of all kinds

What is the SABOR Magazine?

Since 1995 the SABOR magazine has been the only Latin American Literary/Art magazine at Boston College. It was created by students to express the Latino experience through artistic endeavor to the greater college community.

Under the Organization of Latin American Affairs (OLAA), SABOR pledges to seek a new vibrant flavor. The manifestation of arts can be accentuated but only with YOUR participation!

Who can submit?

ANYONE can submit to SABOR! Latinos and non-Latinos alike are encouraged to bring their works together in the collaboration of Latin American genre and artistic merit.

What does SABOR look like?

Submissions have included visual art, short stories, prose, and poetry. *Written works may be in English, Spanish and Portuguese* Some examples of content may include, but are certainly not limited to: (i.e.) Study Abroad accounts, journal entries, drawings

To submit to SABOR please email:

Jessica Vallejo at or Patricia Quintero at

Want to be a part of Sabor? Submit today!
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