Latino Youth

Latinos face a growing need to improve educational achievement for its youth, which census show is strikingly lower in the Latino population.

Through education, Latinos could take on more positions of greater weight in the workforce and have a greater face in the economy. Those who push education as a force of change bSeptember 17, 2007atinos in the U.S. will expand the drive and goals of Latino youth.

OLAA's mission includes great efforts into mobilizing and serving Latino youth. We have a responsibility to help these young students in their road to higher education and personal achievement. Members take part in various programs which fulfill our objective of promoting the advancement of young Latinos. Some of which include:

Conexiones (formerly LEBC)

Prospective Students Weekend

Latino Youth Day

Formerly Latino Experience at Boston College

Students have a roundtable discussion

The 2001-2002 school year marked the first ever Latino Experience (LEBC) in OLAA and BC history. This event epitomizes OLAA's mission to promote the needs of the greater Boston Community by directing our attention to those students who are not as well informed about their options through higher education.

OLAA invites Latino students from local area high schools to a weekend of knowledge, fun, and educational exploration in the life of a Latino student at Boston College . The weekend's goal is to spark and interest in furthering their education and applying to college. Through this program, OLAA demonstrates that a college education is a rewarding experience within anyone's reach.

While here at B.C., they will live with a current Boston College Latino student in a residence hall on campus. They will go to class, eat, and meet with admissions administrators who will inform them how to apply to an institution such as Boston College and how to finance their educational career. The program will expose them to the university setting where they can see people like themselves engaged in the life of higher education.

Many people think that college is an impossible venture not worth taking, either because of financial or social constraints. L.E.B.C. hopes to motivate these students to look at college as a realistic goal after high school and allow them become more assertive in the college process.

The event is free of charge and will be headed by OLAA members Amaris Modesto and Rodrigo Garcia. Dates are to be announced, so check OLAA's website for when and how to get involved.

Prospective Students Weekend

Prospective students get to know each
other and their hosts

OLAA held its very first admitted Latino Student Weekend April 1 st -3 rd , 2004 entitled " Unidos y Progresando: Discovering the Latino Community at Boston College. " The purpose of the weekend was to introduce the Latino BC admitted students to the Boston College experience as Latino students.

Prospective Latino Students that have found out their admittance to B.C. are invited for a weekend to discover the benefits of completing their higher education at Boston College . The weekend is full of activities that illuminate what the Boston College experience for Latinos is all about.

The weekend presents the many available resources here at the institution which will prove useful throughout the college years. Workshops given by the Admissions Office and the Financial Aid Office shed light on how Boston College provides for its students.

Throughout the weekend B.C. Latino students convey the sense of community and family on which we thrive to our Latino prospective students. The program allows for discussions on the B.C. experience and on issues pertinent to the Latino community. Prospective students are hosted for a weekend by OLAA members, allowing them the opportunity to sit in on classes, get a feel for the social life, and examine the resources available to Latino students at Boston College.

Unidos y Progresando weekend strives to ensure Latino student enrollment at BostonMarch 22, 2006a family once they get on campus in the fall as freshmen.

Invitations will be sent out to Prospective Students as early as January. Please check OLAA's website for when and how to get involved.

Latino Youth Day

Latino children from after school programs in the Boston area come for a day of fun activities and discussions pinpointing the ideal characteristics of a young scholar. OLAA members take a day during their weekend to serve as role models for these young Latinos as they bring them to B.C. and explain how college can be a valuable tool for success in their future.

Throughout the day games are played which focus on the importance of furthering knowledge, working hard, and overcoming obstacles. OLAA hopes to bring a lighthearted day in which young Latino children see the fun of learning and the importance their education will hold later in life.

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