Hermandad Retreat

Meet new friends and create great
bonds during Hermandad Retreat.

The Hermandad Retreat was founded during the 2000-2001 academic year. Since its inception in October, 2000, OLAA members have looked forward to this unique experience every year. OLAA invites about 30 students from the BC community to an Inn in the rural areas of New England. The retreat is centered on expressing and encouraging a sense of family we call Hermandad (brotherhood/sisterhood).

The retreat is run on a schedule that includes time for discussions and team building games. The goal of the retreat is to ensure strength and trust in the the organization through the ideas of true hermandad, as well as extend OLAA to any and all interested in the organization. The participants discuss issues they are confronted with at BC such as stereotypes, culture and/or class shock, apathy, and club unity. Also, we invite alumni to help mediate and spark conversation of these issues.

Participants always mention that the retreat has started relationships between members that they otherwise would not have formed.

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