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The O'Connell House Student Union Presents:

36th Annual Middlemarch Ball: "Harry Potter"
March 26, 2010

About The Ball

This year marks the 36th anniversary of the nationally-renowned Middlemarch Ball. Middlemarch began as a simple theme party hosted by the four undergraduate managers of O'Connell House. Over the years it has evolved into one of the top college parties in the country.hogwarts

What is so good about Middlemarch you ask? Well, for one thing, it is entirely run by students. The creativity runs rampant throughout the committee and will astound anyone. Another thing that makes Middlemarch such a great tradition is how exclusive it really is. Only a few lucky students gain admission, and the excitement it generates is unparalled. Whether it was the 20 foot chocolate waterfall from Willy Wonka, or the tilted floors of the sinking Titanic, Middlemarch is and will continue to be the best party BC sees all year!

Part of the allure is the fact that one cannot simply show up at the door the night of the event and waltz in. The venue is temporarily transformed into a new reality. Only a lucky and diligent handfull of BC students can gain admission. Those with a magic ticket come dressed in the theme of the night, and find the venue equally adorned.

Middlemarch is a blast. It is a tradition. It is a legend which far outshines any words used to describe it, and it gets better every year. Middlemarch will amaze, astound, and leave you wanting more.

At one point in Boston College's history, the dance was moved off campus and subsquently shut down for a few year. Read more about this in The Boston College Chronical.


Apply for the Planning Committee

Dispite popular belief, Middlemarch doesn't plan itself. Each year, a committe of 20-30 students are selected to pick the theme of the dance, design the decorations for each room, and ensure successful planning and execution of this great event. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, we invite you to apply to be one of those lucky few who get to be on the inside of Middlemarch. We expect the application for this to be released early in the spring semester.

Theme Announcement

Nothing having to do with Middlemarch is easy, and that includes being able to attend the dance. Any student interested in attending the dance must metaphorically jump through a series of hoops that make you elidgable for a raffle where you may be selected to purchase a pair of tickets. Keep an eye out early spring semester for posters around campus publicizing the Middlemarch Theme Announcement, held on a random night in Conte Forum, where you'll learn more about those hoops you'll have to metaphorically jump through.


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