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Meet the Managers: "What do you view the role of the O'Connell House to be?"

michael bell boston collegeChris Georgevich, Undergraduate Associate Manager
"The O'Connell House is a useful resource for freshman living on Upper Campus as well as the rest of the school. Since it is a student union, residents can use it as they wish and make of it what they want. Whether this be renting videos from our office to attending the weekend night events we host to checking out the many rooms (Music, TV, Game, Dance, Lounge, Study) the mansion has to offer, the OCH has something everyone ought to utilize."

elizabeth muller boston college Lauren Sopko, Undergraduate Assistant Manager
"Since I started as a freshman at BC, I have regarded the O’Connell House as an integral part of the Boston College community serving not only as a student union, but also as an activity house for students at BC. I believe the central role of the O’Connell House is to make students feel comfortable in their home away from home. To accomplish this, the managers help facilitate programs such as welcome week, and coordinate entertaining and exciting weekend events. Additionally, the house has movie rentals, a large TV with a DVD player, a ping pong table and air hockey for students to use during their free time. Moreover, the O’Connell house also serves as an amiable study environment with large rooms for individual study or group meetings. The O’Connell House, as both a study space and student union, serves each student’s wants and needs while catering to the entire BC community."

Alex Gilman Boston College
Alex Gilman, Undergraduate Assistant Manager
"The O'Connell House, along with its day to day resources such as the game room and movie rentals, is a place for students to express and explore their interests, talents, and passions. Although we always provide programming on the weekends from laser tag to comedians, for me the most successful events are planned and executed by student groups. On the second night of programming this year, a group of students came in wanting to throw a dance party. The ballroom was packed within 15 minutes with people dancing and having a great time. All I did is provide the speakers. That is for me the purpose of the house."


matt lengen boston college Matt Lengen, Associate Manager
"The O'Connell House quite simply provides a welcoming environment for members of the BC community to gather on campus. The house supports a diversified array of programming, and is a useful resource for educational and social development. Feel free to stop by anytime!"




beth gionfriddo boston college Kaitlyn Moran, Associate Manager
"O'Connell House is a place for students to both study and relax. You could bring your books or your friends, and neither would be out of place. Plus, OCH hosts some great weekend events to provide entertainment to students. It's a mistake not to visit OCH!"


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