"About our new website"

By Nick Courtney, 26 August 2008

Welcome to the NEW face of the O'Connell House!

First and foremost, welcome back to Boston College for the 2008/2009 school year! It is going to be yet another great year on the Heights.

Second, and of course more importantly, welcome to the new virtual face of Boston College's only student union, the O'Connell House. This website has been completely redesigned to act as a resource for all students in the BC community to stay connected to events taking place at BC.

If you notice, there are two aspects to navigating our new website. On the top of all pages you'll find a link menu that details the 6 main facets of our site: the home page (where you currently are), the house calendar, our events pages, our blog, photos from recent events, and contact information. For each of those sections, you'll find a navigation menu on the left side of the page that will be able to direct you to any page within that category. An example of this would be the about, history, tour, and hours of operation links you see on the left of this page.

We would like to point out a few of our website's newest features: primarily, the official OCH Blog, where you'll find periodic posts from the managers keeping you current on events at BC and around the house. Also, see our new events page to find all the details about events taking place at the house.

So enjoy and please take advantage of all of the resources this website and the O'Connell House has to offer! If you have any comments or suggestions (good or bad!) about the site or the house, do not hesitate to let us know. We hope to see you around the house!

"Welcome to the OCH Blog"

By Michael Bell, 15 August 2008

Welcome to one of the newest features of the O'Connell House website. This blog is designed to be a message board for students to not only find out the lastest news regarding the house but also to contribute their own original material. You will find that the managers will periodically post about the most recent news coming from the house. In addition, we hope that members of the BC community will contribute their opinions about upcoming and past events, share anecdotes about OCH related activities, and give more information for people to get involved with clubs they encountered at the house. Overall, this blog is meant to be an organic production, written by BC community members for BC community members!

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