Welcome to the O'Connell House Student Union!


What is the O'Connell House?

"Open every night at 8 pm, the O'Connell House has something that will tickle any students fancy. A visit to each of the rooms in the house leads to something different."
-The Heights, [ view full article here ]

It may be four people playing pool or a friendly ping-pong rivalry upstairs in the game room. It could be the surround sound blasting from a movie on the brand new big screen TV. Maybe it's someone practicing on the piano. It could even be a special event where everyone is welcome! Whatever it is, you know that if it is happening at BC then it's happening in O'Connell House.

Don't get fooled though, if you are looking for a serious night of academia, sit back and relax in one of our comfy leather couches. Grab your books and head to the solarium for a new and more relaxed atmosphere right next to your dorm. Grab a free movie in the office and watch it on the big screen while lounging on our huge leather couches. Or take it back to your room for a couple of nights (there are over 500 newly released DVD's to choose from!). It's a little bit of the academic atmosphere of Bapst and some good ol' rec room fun all rolled into one.

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