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Irish is the language of Ireland.

In Irish, it is called Gaeilge.

It can be referred to as Irish Gaelic, but it is commonly known as Irish.

Gaelic is a blanket term used to describe all the Gaelic languages: Irish Gaelic, Manx Gaelic, and Scottish Gaelic.

Irish CAN be taken to fulfill your two-year language requirement at Boston College.

Why take a language that you cannot relate to or have no interest in learning at all?

Take Irish, the language of your ancestors!

It is one of the hardest languages out there to learn, but Professor Joseph Nugent makes it fun and enjoyable. He teaches both Irish classes:

Intro/Modern Irish I [EN09301]
T.TH @ 10:30-11:45

Continuing Modern Irish I [EN09701]
T.TH @ 4:30-5:45

Also, by taking Irish for two years (4 courses in total) you need only take two more courses to complete an Irish Studies minor.

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