About the Hellenic Society
Who We Are
The Hellenic Society of Boston College was created in 1982 by a small group of Greek Americans who wanted to establish a Greek presence on campus. As one of BC's oldest clubs it's purpose is to promote Hellenism to all members of the community who are interested in Greek food, music, dancing, and history.

We welcome members of all cultures, nationalities and backgrounds!
Posted 10-20-05 by Brad Hayes

What We Do
  • Strive to make the Boston College Community more aware of what it means to be Greek
  • Greek Nights at Corcoran Commons and McElroy
  • General meetings to educate our members about Greek history.
  • Home-cooked dinners at least twice in the semester
  • Hellenic Intercollegiate Dance
  • We coordinate trips to Filoxenia House in Brookline to visit Greek families currently in Boston receiving medical treatment.
  • Hear important speakers lecture on Greek issues and Greek culture.
  • Posted 10-20-05 by Brad Hayes