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A New Year!
Hey everyone, check here regularly for the latest updates on Hellenic Society events!
Posted 10-12-06 by Brad Hayes

Roggies Night!
Feb. 15: Club Gathering at Roggies

Time: 6:15PM
Location: Roggies on the B Line
Description: Get to know your fellow club members by hanging out and grabbing some food at Roggies.
Posted 2-13-06 by Brad Hayes

ALC Showdown!
Jan. 28- ALC Showdown

Time: 7:00PM
Location: Rec. Plex
Description: This culminating event of the week showcases the artistic talents of various cultural and dance troupes. Always an amazing
presentation that represents the beauty of diverse cultures of Boston College. Doors open at 6:15pm

After-party to follow in the Rat. Cost $5.00
Tickets: $10.00, avail. Wednesday, 1/25 at McElroy Ticket Booth
Contact: Frank Gatto, 2-3490
Posted 1-23-06 by Brad Hayes

General Meeting and T-Shirts
Friday the 27th we will be having a General Meeting in Gabelli 303 at 5pm. We will be passing out the T-shirts to those who ordered them and did not receive them.

Please make it if you can. We have set up more and interesting events this semester and they will be coming up shortly.
Posted 1-23-06 by Zina Varelas

Special Greek Night
This Thursday the 26th at Lower we are having a special Greek night. We will be having Greek food and a band to play Greek music.

We would really appreciate it if you guys could come down to Lower at 3pm and help us decorate.

Furthermore, guys I think it would be really fun if we all (for those of us that received them) wear our T-shirts at Lower on the 26th to represent our Greek Pride!
Posted 1-23-06 by Zina Varelas

Welcome Back!
Welcome back, I hope everyone had a nice semester break. Be sure to check here daily for the latest news pertaining to the Boston College Hellenic Society!
Posted 1-16-06 by Brad Hayes

Greeks in the Heights
The Hellenic Society was recently featured in the Heights! Some quotes from the article:

"At the beginning of October the Hellenic Society held its first traditional dinner of the semester. The meal was comprised of heaping piles of Greek salad, spanakopita (a spinach pie), pastitsio (lasagna), tzatziki (a yogurt dip), fasolakia (a string bean dish), and, of course, some rich baklava for dessert."

"The Greek presence at BC is a small but powerful one. The members of the Hellenic Society take great pride in their heritage, and enjoy reminiscing about their shared childhood experiences."
Posted 10-20-05 by Brad Hayes

Hellenic Society Website Launch
Hey there, and welcome to the BC Hellenic Society's new website. Check back to stay up to date on events, photos, or any other craziness we can come up with.
Posted 10-20-05 by Brad Hayes