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Chris Staysniak, President [email] [profile]
Chris has two brothers, a loving mother, a patient girlfriend, and comes from the great state of Connecticut. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, various DIY projects (curing bacon, homebrewing, pickling), and having a good beer with good friends.

Daniel Hood, Treasurer [email] [profile]
Hailing from the better Carolina, Daniel enjoys the rougher things in life, like studying peasant revolts, arson, and livestock mutilation. But don't let that fool you; he's a darn good guy with an amazing girlfriend, caring friends, and a penchant for making people laugh.

Craig Gallagher, Social Chair/GSA Rep [email] [profile] [twitter]
Some say he was born bekilted with claymore in hand, but that's just an old wives' tale. Craig is merely an affable Scot partial to tennis, a glass of whisky and redeeming his country's sovereignty. Usually you hear him before you see him.

Bryan Blakeley, Webmaster [email]
Bryan is an avid brewer and cyclist from one of those rectangle states way out West. He also enjoys spending time with his wife of seven years and dabbling in technology.