Accounting Academy Mission:

The Boston College Accounting Academy is a student organization established by and run by accounting students.  The Academy has been established to provide declared and prospective accounting majors with services pertaining to their future careers.  In order to provide opportunities to come in contact with prospective future employers, the Academy organizes events where students, teachers, and employers can come together in a relaxed environment. 


Rory O'Connor- rory.oconnor.3@bc.edu

Daylin Short- daylin.short@bc.edu


Lauren Stravinskas- lauren.stravinskas@bc.edu


Michael Jones- michael.jones.7@bc.edu

Senior Officers:

Lindsey Albert

Ashley Kuriappuraum

Jane Ronan

Daniel Taylor

Ryan Wiltse

Junior Officers:

Alyssa Carreau

Michael Gaughan

Jonathan Sessa

Meghan Shain

HungWei Sheng