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Scholarship Information

About the Scholarship
The Archbishop Oscar A. Romero Scholarship recognizes a Boston College junior who has demonstrated superior academic achievement, extracurricular leadership, community service, and involvement with the Hispanic/Latino community and Hispanic/Latino issues both on and off campus. The scholarship pays $15,000 toward senior year tuition for the winner. In addition, all finalists in the competition also win scholarships of up to $3000. The winner and all finalists also receive $1000 gift certificate to the Boston College Bookstore.

Requirements for Candidates
To apply for the Archbishop Oscar A. Romero Scholarship, you must be a Boston College junior year student whose life demonstrates an understanding of, and a commitment to, the values and ideals inherent in the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

To be considered, you must be:

    • A full-time Boston College junior

    • A citizen or permanent resident of the United States

    • In good academic standing with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0

    • Demonstrate an outstanding record of involvement in, and service to, the Hispanic/Latino community at Boston College and in the wider community

    • Involved with Hispanic/Latino issues and the Hispanic/Latino community

Selections Process
The Selection Subcommittee will make its selection of the Archbishop Oscar A. Romero Scholarship winner after careful consideration of each application. This subcommittee is comprised of Jesuits, staff, faculty, and students of Boston College.

Preliminary Application: One-page preliminary application form along with a comprehensive resume or list of activities should be submitted to Ms. Milvia Sanchez (, Manager, ITS Human Resource, St. Clements Hall, 257 by Friday, January 28, 2011.

Interview Round: The strongest of the preliminary applicants as determined by the committee will be selected for an interview. They will also be asked to submit a supplementary essay on Latin American/Latino issues and at least one letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your extracurricular activities or service activities. The finalists and the 2011 Archbishop Oscar Romero Scholarship recipient will be selected from those interviewed.

Statement of Certification and Release: All applications must include a signed Certification and Release statement in order to be considered.

For further information, please contact us at:


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Announcement of Scholarship Recipient
Finalists will be notified in early March by e-mail. The announcement of the scholarship winner will be made during the award ceremony, which will be held on the evening of Saturday, March 26, 2011. It is expected that the scholarship recipient will address the audience during the ceremony.

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