Warner Steps Down as InfoTech VP

Warner Steps Down as InfoTech VP

Spang, Corcoran named to oversee department's operations

Boston College announced on July 28 that Kathleen T. Warner had resigned her position as vice president for information technology to return to the private sector.

In accepting her resignation, Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella thanked Warner for her service to the University and wished her the very best in her new pursuits.

Campanella said that Jack Spang, director of enterprise computing services, and Mary Corcoran, project leader/service strategist and former IT assistant director, and would serve as co-directors of IT.

Campanella added that information technology continues to be of critical importance to Boston College, and that "it is essential we continue working to understand and respond to the technology needs of academic and administrative users on campus.

"Mary and Jack have worked in information technology for many years, and they both have extensive experience with technology and management. I am confident they will be effective leaders of our IT organization."

-Jack Dunn


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