Construction of Lower Campus Fence Seen As Safety Measure

Construction of Lower Campus Fence Seen As Safety Measure

Construction is slated to begin next week on a fence that will enclose the 40 Lower Campus modular apartments, a project University administrators say will contribute to campus safety, especially during home football games.

The 6-foot-tall, decorative wrought-iron fence will be built around the perimeter of the "Mods," and include nine gates offering easy access to the area for the 460 students who live in the popular duplex-style dormitories. Administrators expect the fence to be installed in early October.

Originally constructed in 1970, the apartments house seniors and are popular gathering places for barbecues and other social events. Administrators said that during home football games, however, the area often attracts underage students or unwanted visitors, raising safety concerns and potential legal problems for the University and students residing in the Mods.

After discussions with former residents of the apartments, said Public Affairs Director Jack Dunn, the administration decided that converting the Mods to a gated community would better ensure the safety, privacy and security of BC students.

"The fence is being installed in response to long-standing complaints from seniors who said they were worried about being held responsible for uninvited and underage drinkers and non-BC students," said Dunn.

"Mod residents should enjoy their senior year without the fear of strangers entering their backyards or uninvited guests invading their homes or social functions," said Director of Residential Life Robert F. Capalbo in a letter to Mod residents issued last week.

-Stephen Gawlik


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