University Unveils New Athletics Logo

University Unveils New Athletics Logo

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

There's a new look to the Boston College athletic logo this fall, and University Bookstore Director Thomas McKenna reports that consumer response to the new insignia is "very strong and favorable."

The new logo is a modernized and forward-looking adaptation of the traditional Boston College symbol of an interlocking "BC" with an eagle in the center. It will appear on all varsity athletic uniforms; stadium, arena and playing field signage; sports graphics; athletic department publications and stationery; and a full range of clothing and gifts, including hats, t-shirts and outerwear.

Boston College unveiled its new logo at a July 26 press conference. The updated symbol and an accompanying consistent color scheme bring "uniformity and identity" to Eagle athletic gear and sportswear, according to Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo.

In addition to the interlocking "BC" logo, DeFilippo introduced an updated rendering of the school's symbolic mascot, an eagle in flight, and a cartoon icon of "Baldwin", a bald eagle, for use in children's marketing and as a secondary sports logo.

McKenna said that the bookstore has stocked a full range of clothing and gifts with the new logo. He reported that sales of t-shirts with the new design are "exceptionally strong" as entering freshmen purchase insignia items prior to the start of school.

"The new logo has a very exciting look," McKenna said. "The graphics are great. It has a real 'pop' to it."

McKenna said that sales of logo items should increase as Boston College sports teams begin their fall schedules and appear on television wearing the new insignia. "There has been a very good job done in coordinating our marketing efforts," McKenna said. "We've made a lot of progress in this area."


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