University’s Irish Programs Taking New Direction

University's Irish Programs Taking New Direction

Irish Studies and Irish Institute to undergo administrative changes; Dublin center to open

By Jack Dunn
Director of Public Affairs

The arrival of Thomas Hachey, the newly appointed executive director of Irish Programs at Boston College, marks one of several significant changes affecting the University's Irish affairs initiatives this fall.

Hachey, a former dean and history professor at Marquette University, will coordinate BC's Irish Studies Program and Irish Institute, as well as the Irish initiatives of the John J. Burns Library. Next September, he will also serve as a full professor and endowed chairholder in the History Department.

In addition, Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella announced that Irish Institute Director Sean Rowland has relocated to Dublin, where he will continue to serve as director. Rowland will help oversee the opening of the Boston College Center in Ireland this fall.

The center, a recently renovated property along St. Stephen's Green, will provide office space and reception rooms for BC faculty and students working in or visiting Ireland. It will also house the Irish Institute in Ireland and serve as an in-country office and resource for the Irish Studies and Burns Library programs, as well as the Center for International Studies.

"We are delighted to move into this state-of-the-art facility which will enable us to solidify our reputation as the leading American university in Ireland," said Campanella. "I am pleased that Sean Rowland will remain in Dublin for the upcoming year to assist with the opening and to continue to develop the special events and diverse programming of the Irish Institute that have positioned us as a leader in Irish affairs."

Campanella also announced that Colm O'Comartun, who has served as assistant director of the Irish Institute since 1997, has been named associate director effective Nov. 1. Timothy Lynch, who joined the staff in 1998, has been named program director for Ireland. He replaces Sara McDonnell, who had worked for Boston College in Dublin since 1996.

The University also announced the appointment of Kevin O'Neill as director of Irish Studies, a position he had previously shared with colleague and program co-founder Adele Dalsimer, who passed away last February after a long battle with multiple myeloma.

O'Neill and Irish Studies Associate Director Robert Savage are currently planning an Irish Studies-sponsored symposium titled "Education in Divided Societies," as well as a graduate colloquium on famine. In addition, O'Neill noted, Irish Studies and the English Department are in the process of conducting a search for a senior scholar in Irish literature to work in both departments beginning next year.  

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