CEO Club Kicks Off Luncheon Series

CEO Club Kicks Off Luncheon Series

Former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot, Dell Computer Corp. CEO Michael S. Dell, and Richard Wagoner Jr., chairman and CEO of General Motors Corp., will be featured speakers at the upcoming Boston College Chief Executives Club of Boston luncheons.

Dell will speak at the club on Nov. 3 and Wagoner on Dec. 7, while Perot, chairman and CEO of Perot Systems Corp., will kick off the new year on Jan. 23. All of the luncheons will be held at the Boston Harbor Hotel's Wharf Room.

The CEO Club, which has been named the leading business speaking forum in the nation by Top Speaking Forums, brings the nation's leading executives to Boston for luncheon addresses with this area's business leaders.

On Sept. 27, 300 members attended the fall's first luncheon, where they heard Hewlett-Packard Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina say that the principal challenge facing today's effective business leaders is "setting the frame and then setting people free."

Fiorina, who recently was named the most powerful woman in American business by Fortune magazine, said that modern-day business leadership "will be about challenging minds and capturing hearts. It will be about empowering others to decide for themselves... to reach their final potential."

Today's effective leaders "will no longer be able to view strategy and execution as abstract concepts," Fiorina said, "but, instead as tools with value only to the degree that they are grounded in people."

-Reid Oslin

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