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Finnegan Candidates Dedicated to Service

Finnegan Candidates Dedicated to Service

Profiles of the other candidates for the 2001 Rev. Edward Finnegan, SJ, Award

Samantha L. Buchan

For the past four years, Buchan has been a major contributor to the quality of student life at Boston College. Her involvement has ranged from on-campus activities, such as the Undergraduate Government of Boston College and co-chairmanship of the annual Breaking the Barriers Ball, to twice serving in the El Salvador Immersion Program. She spent the spring semester in Santiago, Chile, where she worked in that country's only social welfare agency.

The native of Hershey, Pa. is a co-founder of the Learning to Serve Program that pairs Boston College freshmen, faculty and administrators with people and agencies in Greater Boston for volunteer service. Buchan has also been a student volunteer in the Undergraduate Admission Office, a member of the PULSE Council, a participant in the Appalachia Volunteer and Navajo Nation Immersion programs and chief marshal for the Order of Cross and Crown.

An international studies major with a focus on Latin America, Buchan was recently named a co-winner of the University's Congressman John Joseph Moakley Award for International Service.

"I have had amazing experiences through international service and immersion experiences," she said. "They have showed me how to live in solidarity with others and through them I have come to discover how I am being called to live my life."

Buchan plans to spend the next two years in Chicago as a volunteer with the Inner-City Teaching Corps.

(Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
Meghan L. Kalinich

Kalinich, who graduated Monday from the Lynch School of Education, spent four years participating in the University's partnership with Boston Public Schools in the Allston-Brighton community. As a tutor, student teacher and undergraduate research assistant, she was directly involved with the development and implementation of an extended service program for students at the Gardner Elementary School that has become a nationally recognized model.

A human development major, Kalinich took an active role in the establishment of a school-based health clinic at the Gardner School, serving the basic medical needs of some 500 local youngsters, many of whom speak English as a second language. Her work in this endeavor has been recognized by the awarding of a Schweitzer Fellowship for excellence in the health care field. She is the only undergraduate to receive one of the 22 Schweitzer Awards given to students in the New England area.

Kalinich, whose home is Corning, NY, is currently assisting faculty members in BC's Center for Child, Family and Community Partnerships in the publication of a book on the University's affiliation with the Gardner School.

"The comprehensive education that I received over the past four years has shaped my identity as well as my future," said Kalinich, who will attend the Harvard School of Public Health next fall and plans to become an advocate of women and children's health issues. "I have been able to fully integrate my academic career with service."

(Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
Patrick L. Venanzi

One of the top students in the graduating class of the Carroll School of Management, Venanzi has successfully blended community service with academic achievement throughout his undergraduate career.

"My four years at Boston College have been saturated with stimulating classes, enriching extracurricular activities, and glimpses of good things yet to come," he said.

A native of Baltimore, Venanzi has volunteered as a youth worker at the Cambridge YMCA and soup kitchens sponsored by Haley House and Rosie's Place, and was also an intern and tutor at the Challenge Correctional Facility of the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services.

A rare "triple major" in economics, finance and pre-med studies, Venanzi has been a peer advisor in CSOM, a tutor in biology and organic chemistry and a member of the Mentoring Leadership Program. He was also class representative and executive board member of the CSOM Honors Program and vice president of the BC Investment Club.

Venanzi's treatise on "How Information Technology Will Affect Our Lives in the 21st Century" won first prize in Sapient Corp.'s 1999 national student essay contest. His senior honors thesis examined the structure, strategy and pricing of the generic drug industry.

He has accepted a position in the equity research department of Fidelity Management and Research, the fund management arm of Fidelity Investments.

Rochelle A. Webb

Webb's extensive service to the University has spanned her four-year undergraduate career. In the spring of 2000, she was elected vice president of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College, and took the lead in planning a number of large-scale student-oriented events during her tenure in office. Webb has also served as UGBC's Chief of University Affairs and coordinator of the UGBC Student Volunteer Association.

She was a participant in Boston College Connections, an innovative one-to-one mentoring program, the University's Women's Task Force, the Intercultural Council of Boston College, as well as the Jenks Leadership and Mentoring Leadership programs.

Webb was also a teaching assistant for three freshman courses and served on several University professional staff search committees.

For two summers, the Marietta, Ga., resident was an orientation leader in the University's First Year Experience program, and she was a recruiting assistant to the Boston College football staff from 1998 through 2000.

Webb, a communications major, was also a photographer for both The Heights and Sub Turri, and served professional internships with Parenting Magazine and Sports Illustrated as well as the University's Audio-Visual Department, the Office of Marketing Communications and a commercial advertising firm in the Atlanta area.

"The people here at BC are what really make the difference," Webb said as she summed up her active undergraduate career. "Boston College has taught me how to treat others, learn from others and appreciate others. That is a valuable lesson."

Webb plans on attending graduate school in business and eventually will seek a management position in the entertainment industry.

- Reid Oslin


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