HIV/AIDS Center Gives Thanks to 4Boston Volunteers

HIV/AIDS Center Gives Thanks to 4Boston Volunteers

A local non-profit community resource center for people living with HIV and AIDS recently recognized 21 Boston College volunteers for donating "countless hours" to the center over the past year.

On April 24, the Boston Living Center held a special appreciation party for students who volunteered at the center through Campus Ministry's 4Boston program.

The Living Center offers myriad services and programs to help its 1,700 members cope with their illness. Some of the center's offerings include meals, social and legal services, holistic therapies, arts programs and an employment support program.

Since last fall, 4Boston volunteers have visited the center and served as helping hands to the center's members and its administrators. The BC students became involved in all aspects of the center's functions and formed relationships with the center's guests.

"I think that it's important that the students build up their interpersonal relationships with the guests," said Campus Minister and 4Boston coordinator Daniel Leahy, explaining that persons suffering from a terminal illness like AIDS are often "treated less than human" by society.

"By forming a normal personal relationship with them, you reaffirm their dignity as human beings," he said.

-Stephen Gawlik


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