UGBC Selects Mahoney for Bald Eagle Award

UGBC Selects Mahoney for Bald Eagle Award

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

Citing his personal skills, administrative leadership and commitment to quality, the Senate of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College has selected Director of Undergraduate Admission John L. Mahoney Jr. as the 2001 Bald Eagle Award winner.

The UGBC Senate, which presents the award each year to a distinguished BC alumnus, honored Mahoney for his contributions to the University community. Mahoney, who has been director of undergraduate admission since 1990, graduated from Boston College in 1979 and received a master's degree in 1985.

"Being nominated and selected for this award is a great honor," Mahoney said. "To be recognized by Boston College students, particularly by the Undergraduate Government, makes it even more special.

"I share this award with every member of my staff," Mahoney said. "Since becoming director of admission, I've really been blessed by the caliber of colleagues working with me. They make it a pleasure to come to work every day."

UGBC Senator Kristin Reagan, '01, who has worked as a student assistant in the Undergraduate Admission office, said the UGBC wanted to recognize Mahoney's superior skill with students as well as his administrative talents.

"Whenever I seek him out for advice," Reagan said, "I know that I am speaking to a highly intelligent and genuine person who somehow understands me extremely well."

Mahoney has overseen significant growth in the University's admission endeavors in recent years. "My proudest accomplishment is the effort Undergraduate Admission has made to increase the number of AHANA applicants and enrollees," he said. "This requires a comprehensive effort from all members of my staff, and they have really made a difference."

The University's emergence as a leading national academic institution is another key reason for the success of the admission effort, Mahoney said.

"I've always believed that an admission office is only as good as the institution it serves," he said. "When you consider the quality of administrative leadership here under [University President William P. Leahy, SJ], the splendid faculty, and the remarkable physical plant, it's easy to promote Boston College to prospective students and their parents."


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