University Preparing to Centralize Health Services, Renovate Cushing Hall Infirmary

University Preparing to Centralize Health Services, Renovate Cushing Hall Infirmary

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

A plan to centralize University Health Services on Middle Campus will provide Boston College with a renovated and expanded infirmary and, in the process, create additional student living space.

University administrators expect work to start in late May on converting the Health Services outpatient facility in Cushing Hall to a clinic and 24-hour care center that will be outfitted with updated medical technology.

Meanwhile, the inpatient facility located in Keyes South on Newton Campus will close at the end of the academic year and then be renovated to provide housing for more than 25 freshmen. Administrators said that plans for the new dorm rooms in Keyes South are still being developed.

Both projects are expected to be complete by the end of the summer.

Director of University Health Services Thomas I. Nary, MD, said that the new facility will help to streamline services and provide a single repository for medical records.

"This will help make managing Health Services much more efficient," said Nary, "I think that to consolidate the inpatient and outpatient facilities makes sense.

"In the past, we have been faced with the situation of seeing patients whose records were kept in the Newton Campus infirmary. So this will be a nice improvement."

Nary said that BC is one of few colleges in the United States today that still operates an infirmary. Most schools, he said, have phased out or reduced their medical facilities for financial reasons or liability issues. He noted that 90 percent of all undergraduates make use of University Health Services during their four years at Boston College.

"We hope that this new plan will improve the flow of patients through the infirmary and diminish waiting times," he said.


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