Jack, Moriarty to Lead UGBC

Jack, Moriarty to Lead UGBC

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

Juniors Amanda E. Jack and Richard A. Moriarty, veteran student leaders who advocate greater involvement in student government, will now put their experience and beliefs to the test as the University's new undergraduate president and vice-president, respectively.

UGBC President-elect Amanda Jack and her vice-president, Richard Moriarty. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)
The Jack-Moriarty ticket defeated the team of juniors Jonathan Buck and Kyle Barron, 1,172 votes to 875, in last month's Undergraduate Government of Boston College election. The two will assume office on April 15.

With several months of planning and campaigning over, Jack and Moriarty still have plenty of work ahead of them. They have pledged to knock on every door in the University residence halls and introduce themselves to each of BC's 8,800 undergraduate students.

"I think it's something we can do that will increase our visibility and show students that we're here for them," said Jack, an English major who is taking a minor through the Faith, Peace and Justice program.

Jack, a native of Somerset, Pa., said the door-to-door tour is aimed at igniting student interest in campus government.

The newly elected executives said they were concerned about students' lethargic attitude toward the undergraduate government, noting that only about 25 percent of eligible student voters cast their ballots in the final election.

"We feel that we need to work against apathy when it comes to UGBC," Jack said. "You have to combat apathy with passion. If you care enough about issues you will help people gain more perspective."

Jack and Moriarty have proposed re-establishing a series of "town-hall" style meetings with administrators which they thought were effective and popular avenues of dialogue.

"Communication is going to be critical if we want to get anything accomplished," said Moriarty, who comes from Paxton, Mass.

Jack and Moriarty each have posts within the current UGBC

administration of President Alvin Barnett, '01. The incoming executives said they will continue some of Barnett's programs, especially those that promote the multicultural character of Boston College.

"Alvin has done a great job and there are a lot of places we agree, but there are also some places that we disagree," said Jack, who plans to meet with Barnett soon to discuss issues of common concern.


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